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Concerts » Pulp Monster w/ Dead Modern Villians

May 24, 2013
10:00 pm

1263 E. Mason St.
Green Bay, WI 54301

They can be best described as classic smokey blues caught in the headlights of heavy metal riffs, with Morphine taunting you from the back seat. After lead man Jody Vanesky pulls one of his many harps from his utility belt, you'll soon hear Charlie Musselwhite wrestling with John Popper with vocals slightly reminiscent of Ian Astbury from the Cult. Their lyrics add an extra bonus layer of intrigue and tongue-in-cheek humor, obviously inspired straight from the tattered pages of a vintage pulp fiction paperback. You'll also find that their instrumental tracks are laced with a psychedelic substance that will pull you right into the middle of a soundtrack score to a detective noir film. The icing on the cake is the ambiance created by subtle gloomy fog that haunts the stage, and the trenchcoat and fedora-clad wardrobe tastefully worn by the aforementioned guilty party. It's a complete experience seeing these guys play live...”
Joel Haase - Fan Mail
"Original sound, concept, filled with meaning and soul, that is Pulp Monster in a nutshell. This group won't be shelled for long, they are bustin' out BABY!"
Susan Marie - Fan Mail

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