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Events » Pro Wrestling Benefit for Sgt. Andrew Steiner

Apr. 6, 2013
6:00 pm

The Watering Hole
2107 Velp Avenue
Green Bay, WI

Wisconsin Professional Wrestling returns to the Watering Hole for a special benefit event for Andrew Steiner.
Presented by Paper Converting Machine Company and Desert Veterans of Wisconsin.

See guest stars NWACW Champion Shane Hills, "The Monster of The Midwest" Sadist, current Wisconsin Professional Wrestling Champion Joey "JET" Avalon, and current Wisconsin Professional Wrestling Innovative-X Champion "Tattood" Mark Priebe!

Wisconsin Professional Wrestling Tag Team Championship Match:
The Beer City Bruisers vs. The Dream Police

Plus in action: "The Tres" Thomas Walton, Bronson Bay, "Ripped" Ryan Summers, Peter Schwanz, Cooter Bocephus, "Diamond" Dave DeMone, and Brandon Madrox will all be in action!

7 total matches with 4 title matches!

Front row tickets: $15
General admission : $10
Kids 12 and under: $5
100% of the proceeds to go to The Andrew Steiner Memorial Fund

Doors open at 5:30 pm; Bell Time at 6:00 pm

After serving in Kuwait and Afghanistan, Andrew lost his life after trying to help others in a car accident that happened a couple months ago on highway 172. Both cars had no lights on. One car was in the guard rail and the other was in the lane sideways. Andrew Steiner and Matt Miller saw the accident and stopped to help. They turned their lights on and ran to help the car in the guard rail. After everything was fine, they went to the second car that was side ways. Andy and Matt were in front off the car when another car came through and hit the side ways parked car. The parked car grazed Matt and hit Andy that threw him 30 feet and he dropped 30 feet down over the over pass. Matt called 911 then jumped off the over pass after Andy. Matt stayed with his friend till the ambulance came. He then passed away from his injuries but his spirit is alive through his example of selflessness.

More info on Andrew and the Andrew Steiner Memorial Fund

Click here for more information »
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