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Sun, October 18, 2015

Hollywood Undead, Crown The Empire, I, Prevail 10/17/2015

Last night marked the first SOLD-OUT show put on at the Sandlot inside the Watering Hole on Velp Ave. in Green Bay since the venue changed promoters and started offering a new alternative and active-rock inspired line-up of bands. 

As your friendly, neighborhood BallZach, it is my job to roam around the venue making sure everybody is having a good time and rocking out. My goal is that every single fan has a kickass party and a true rocknroll evening. I just want to give a HUGE shoutout to Jason and Carolynn Fields for putting on a great show! Ben and the crew from the Watering Hole for providing such a incredible venue for a rock show! Every band for bringing the house down! It was great to see the boys from I, Prevail, Crown The Emprie and Hollywood Undead get on stage and do their thing!

Most of all I'd like to thank each and every fan that came out and made this show such a success. You guys continue to put up your hard-earned dollars and put the work in to making Northeastern Wisconsin a true concert destination. The more support you give to the venues and to the bands, the more that they are going to continue to come through Green Bay and melt our faces!!!!

A couple of things to take away from last night. 

1. A Line Is A Line Is A Line
A lot of the fans that I've talked to complained about the line last night. I can understand that. Last night was cold because the season is beginning to turn and you were standing in line upwards of 2 hours. I want to extend the entire crews apology for that. We are currently working on logistics so that line time is sped up and you don't have to worry about waiting in line for 2 hours. However, it is a rockshow, that's something in life worth waiting for in my opinion. 

2. Be Cool To Your Fellow Fans
The venue last night was PACKED. Wall to wall bodies. Now in that kind of confined space it is easy for tempers to flare and people to get a little rowdy, especially when alcohol is involved. Seriously though, don't let your temper get the best of you. You don't want to be ejected. As a fan, you should want the best concert experience for you and everybody else around you. Chill. Relax. Sure, mosh, but don't involve people that don't want to be involved. Don't punch, kick or or bite. Don't make things uncomfortable. You will get ejected from the venue and you don't wnt that to happen. Remember, security is there for the protection of the band, the venue and the fans. They have a job to do and do it exceedingly well.  SO BE COOL.

All in all, great show. I can't wait to see everybody out at the Sandlot inside the Watering Hole for the next one!!