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Sun, November 29, 2015

Sully Erna VS. Nikki Sixx: The Rockstar Brawl That We Want

So it isn't news to learn that Godsmack vocalist Sully Erna and Motely Crue bassist Nikki Sixx do not like each other. Earlier this year, Nikki Sixx refused to play any material from Godsmacks latest release 1000 HP. Sixx reportedly had this to say about Godsmack requesting to be on his radio progrom to promote the release of the new album.: “So @godsmack begged to be on @Sixxsense to promote their s–t new album. Good luck touring phonebooths. Who’s crying like a bitch now?”

The stab is in reference to a rumor that the Godsmack hit "Cryin' Like A Bitch" was written with the legendary Motley Crue bassist in mind. In an interview, Godsmack drummer Shannon Larkin clarifies the rumor stating that apparently the bad-blood between the two rockstars comes from a bad experience concerning security at a show the two bands played:“Coming off of that Crue tour, [Sully] had issues with Nikki,” recalls Larkin. “Most of it stemmed from Motley Crue’s security more than Nikki, but Nikki is the leader of the band. Basically, the security threw us off the stage. Whatever, it was a bunch of ego s–t that none of us really got into.”

I'm not sure Larkin knows just how serious the leadsinger of his band is taking the verbal punches being thrown around by the Sixx A.M. musician  When appearing on Jamey Jasta's podcast "The Jasta Show", Erna was asked about his feelings toward Nikki Sixx. He replied that he felt that Nikki Sixx was an "old, fat washed-up has-been." Now those aren't exactly fighting words. However things took a more serious turn when Erna stated, "He knows exactly where I am, and he knows exactly how he can find me anytime that motherf---er has the balls to come and look me up. And I'll say it straight out on your podcast. He's a d--k, man. He just treats people like sh-t."

Could this lead to an all-out brawl between the two rockstars in order to settle their differences? Doubtful, but I still have some hope. It's been too long since I saw a good ol'fashioned throw down between musicians and I think this one would be worth whipping out the popcorn and selling tickets to see. Erna has Sixx beat when it comes to age, but Nikki might have him beat in experience. Nikki did put up with Tommy Lee for years. However, Erna is from Boston and there a few harder places than that. My money is on Sully Erna. 


Here's where you can find the article containing the interview with Sully Erna:http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/godsmacks-sully-erna-motley-crues-nikki-sixx-is-an-old-fat-washed-up-has-been-who-treats-people-like-st/

Here's where you can find the article containing the Nikki Sixx quote:http://loudwire.com/nikki-sixx-rips-godsmack-request-to-appear-sixx-sense-radio-show/

Here's where you can find the article containing the Shannon Larkin interview: http://loudwire.com/godsmack-shannon-larkin-explains-sully-erna-nikki-sixx-feud/