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Sat, February 6, 2016

Mike Marks: Recovery And Help

Unfortunately, this is not the light-hearted and fun post that I usually like to make.

If you've been to the west-side Blackstone in Green Bay or a local show at Gasoline, Crunch Frog or the Lyric Room, chances are that you know Mike Marks. 

Mike worked security at these establishments and was THE regular at Blackstone. There was many a druken night I spend talking about bands and joking around with Mike. 

Unbeknownst to me, Mike suffers from Epilepsy and on the early hours of Monday morning February 1st, 2016, MIke suffered an epileptic seizure. It happened outside of Gasoline and unfortunately, Mike was alone. The seizure brough him down onto concrete and caused Mike to suffer a rather greivous head injury that resulted in Mike becoming paralyzed from the neck down. Now, despite the horror of waking up to find out that you're paralyzed, Mike is a fighter and is already working on physical therapy to get back his mobility and feeling.

Mike doesn't have a lot as most of us in the scene in Green Bay do not, but we take care of our own. A GoFundMe page has been set up and I'm asking anyone and everyone whether you know Mike or not, even if you're from Green Bay or not, even if you like local music or great greasy food, please donate whatever you can. I can't think of anyone in the world that is more deserving our help right now than Mike. 

Here is the link: https://www.gofundme.com/MikeMarks

Again, donate whatever you can. We take care of our own in this scene and I know if it was me in this situation, Mike would do everything he could possibly think of to make sure I was taken care of. 

I will also update this blog as developments on Mikes condition, further fundrasing opportunities or anything else relevant comes to light. Thank you for your time, your love and your donations. Mike greatly appreciates it and so do I and everyone who is involved with local music in Green Bay.