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Wed, February 24, 2016

Stephen Carpenter Unhappy With "Gore"?

That's Stephen Carpenter. He plays guitar in a band you might have heard of called Deftones. 

Now we are all aware that Deftones have an album coming out on April 8th of this year. It's called "Gore". We've been spinning lead single "Prayers/Triangles" since we recieved it from the band.

A little background, first. I LOVE DEFTONES. White Pony came at a very pivotal time for me sonically. It redefined what it meant to be "heavy". Heavy didn't have to be speed, or level of loud, anymore. Heavy could mean SPACE and it could mean DYNAMICS. That concept blew my mind and I wound up finding whole new avenues of music because of it. A considerable amount of that can be laid at the feet of the guitar playing of Stephen Carpenter. 

Initially, I was not a HUGE fan of "Prayers/Triangles". It just didn't really seem like the song I would have picked for a single and to be honest, I was expecting a much heavier sound than the one that I got. Now, after a couple of spins, the song has definitely grown on me and I can see it for the logical extension of the band's sound that it is. 

Apparently, I'm not the only one who wasn't a fan right away of this song. Stephen Carpenter, in an interview with Ultimate Guitar, also shared his trepidation about the song and rest of the new material for "Gore". 

When asked what he was proud of contributing to the new album, Carpenter had a hard time answering admitting finally that he"...didn't want play on the album to begin with." and that it wasn't until "..way later that (Carpenter) actually got into it." 

He goes on in the interview to say that he is really into all the new metal being played right now, especially the emerging "genre" of Djent. 

Carpenter also drops the hair-rasing line that his band is "...going in one direction and he is going in another."

Could this mean that Stephen Carpenter is considering an exit from Deftones?
What do you think? 
Let me know in the comments below!!!

Here's the full interview: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/news/interviews/deftones_guitarist_and_co-founder_stephen_carpenter_talks_to_ug_i_didnt_want_to_play_on_the_new_record.html