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Sun, November 6, 2016

The Top 9 of 2016: #9 A Day To Remember - Bad Vibrations

HERE IT IS! The best albums released in the year 2016. I feel like we should lay down some ground rules before we get started. First and foremost, this is my OPINION. Therefore, I could be right or I could be wrong but based on my taste this is the list I put together. If you feel like I made a miscalculation, please feel free to comment with your argument. I love debating music and would love to do it with you. Also, these albums fall somewhere in the rock genre. That's what I do. Thirdly, please when you're telling me what you think in the comments, keep it PC. 


#9 A Day To Remeber: Bad Vibrations

A little background to start out. A couple of years back A Day To Remeber decided to part ways with Victory Records. There were a lot of accusations thrown around, but ultimately it led to a lawsuit which A Day To Remember won and the release of their last album Common Courtesy. I'm not going to go into details here. Needless to say that both parties are more than wililng to move past this particular ugly episode.

After the conclusion of the proceedings, ADTR decided to go on a bit of a hiaus to recharge the batteries. People usually get nervious when a band does that because too often it leads to a breakup, however, in the case of ADTR it led to exactly what they needed: a fresh start. The guys rented a studio in Colorado where they did something they haven;t done in awhle.

To put together the last couple of ADTR records the guys wrote seperately and often recorded seperately. They used Dropbox or sent the lines, lyrics and melodies via email. This was compiled and sent back, then sent forth, then mixed, then did again, until they had a new album put together. It hasn't been since they recorded For Those Who Have Heart that the guys in the band sat in the same room and actually wrote together. Doing that very thing is what brings us to Bad VIbrations.

Track One: Bad Vibrations
Talk about a strong opener. You can tell that the band definitely looked to come out making a statement. You have the typical punk drum style when the song first kicks in but by the time the first chorus hits you're engulfed by some serious metal riffage. It certainly demonstrates that the guitars are stepping up to the plate and driving this song along. Unlike most bands from the same genre, ADTR does something refreshing and doesn't shy away from using primarily harsh vocals. It doesn't stray to far from their roots, but when the breakdown comes it is somewhat muted. It shouldn't have been. However, the focus on the dicordant guitars keeps the listener feeling the sense of unease that the song and the album tries to convey. 

Track Two: Paranoia
From the word "GO" you know that you're in for something special. This was the first single released for the album and one can definitely understand the reasoning by that choice. This song crushes. Try driving while listening to this song and tell me you don't slam that gas pedal. The song itself was based on an incident that occured at lead-singer Jeremy Mckinnons home when someone stopped over unannounced and knocked on his bedroom window. The instrumention does it's job once again keeping the listener on edge.This has a classic ADTR breakdown in the middle of the song. The breakdown ends up recycling the riff but to no loss. A true highlight of the album, Paranoia cements ADTR's ability to blend their hardcore roots with pop hooks and radio sensibility. 

Track Three: Naivety
The video sold me on this particular tune. As the second single from the album, it is strong in the way that it delievers the instantly recognizable clean-sung chorus. The video depcits the band as elderly men who have decided to get the band back together and the chaos that ensues. It is an allegory to everything the band learned during their lawsuit with Victory.

I"m now going to skip ahead...

Track NIne: Same About You
This is the standout track to me. Particularly due to a personal experience. In July, my mother passed away. When I heard this song, it reminded me of how I felt to the point that it brought me to tears. I think any song that has the power to affect you on an emotional scale like that is one that deserves to be talked about. This =is another genre specific song from the band but the lyrics hit home for me dealing with a loss. Halfway through the tune, we get a damn good guitar solo. Much like contemporaries Parkway Drive, ADTR has let their classic metal roots show a ittle on this record and in that guitar solo in particular. Couple that with the hook and you're going to have a hard time getting this one out of your head.

There you have it. The 9th best album released this year. Get out there and bang your heads!

Other notable tracks: Bullfight, Forgive and Forget