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Wed, January 4, 2017

Top 9 of 2016: #5 Opeth-Sorceress

HERE IT IS! The best albums released in the year 2016. I feel like we should lay down some ground rules before we get started. First and foremost, this is my OPINION. Therefore, I could be right or I could be wrong but based on my taste this is the list I put together. If you feel like I made a miscalculation, please feel free to comment with your argument. I love debating music and would love to do it with you. Also, these albums fall somewhere in the rock genre. That's what I do. Thirdly, please when you're telling me what you think in the comments, keep it PC.

#5 Opeth-Sorceress

We have cracked the top 5. Thank you all for staying with me through this process. I guarantee that you are in for a wild ride from this point forward.

I will admit that I am a little late to the party when it comes to Opeth. I recognize that they are one of the greats of European metal. I agree that they have a breadth of influences and are virtuoso musicians that continually push just what a metal band is and what one sounds like. However, I must never have actually sat down and listened to an Opeth album front to bottom.

Until now.

Sorceress came out of nowhere as far as I’m concerned and if I can make one particular recommendation where this record is concerned, it is that if you are not familiar with any of this bands material and don’t plan on being, please go ahead and give this record a shot. You will not be disappointed. It literally has something to offer everyone.

A friend of mine recently requested songs that deal with heartbreak, I handed them Sorceress. A friend requested metal that didn’t utilize harsh vocals, I handed them Sorceress. A friend who likes folk music, hand them Sorceress. A friend who wants to broaden every musical horizon they have, save for hip-hop, hand them Sorceress. It really is that simple.

Let’s take a look at the songs:


After this record opens with a seriously cool little folk diddley, it decided to get downright jazzy. It slowly evolves that jazzy-ness into some serious metal riffage. This is Opeth at it's best, combining a menagerie of different styles. It is impossible not to groove with this song. The musicianship on this album leaves my jaw dropped open. I mean seriously this is literally the anti-Hardwired. I mean that isn't to say that Metallica's album isn't impressive, but it's easy to see why it landed at number 7 while I chose this one for number 5.

"Wilde Flowers"

I totally thought I was going to bounce around this review, but when I hit the third track on the album, I had to stop and re-think my game plan. I love the lyrical content of this record. Reminds me of the best of Black Sabbath. I also dig the simplicity of the main riff that drags you in and hypnotizes you before spiraling you out in psychedelic bliss. "Wilde Flowers" also sees the best guitar solo of any record on this list so far. It is DEBILITATING in the best way possible. It literally stops you, slows you down and makes you pay attention that to all that is that solo.The best part of this track undoubtedly comes at the end. After a drawn out spacey interlude, Opeth remind you with full force that they are first and foremost one of the worlds best metal bands.

"Will O The Wisp"

Here I go again just going in the order of the album, but when the songs are this brilliant it's hard not to do that. I always admired Opeth for the fact that they are a metal band that isn't afraid to expand the horizons and bring out influences and styles well beyond the norm. In this case, this a folk song. I do love the psychedelic guitar solo that underlines the folk melody. Again, the guitar work on this album is incredibly impressive. One of the shorter songs on this record, "Will O The Wisp", makes for the perfect intro into the softer side of this band.

There you have it! #5-Opeth Sorceress!

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