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It's Parkway Drive Day

Tuesday, Mar, 13 2018

Epitaph Records is pleased to announce the upcoming release of Reverence, the sixth studio album from Australian metal band Parkway Drive. Due out May 4, Reverence is the most sonically adventurous and emotionally intense effort yet from the Byron Bay-based five-piece.

“Reverence represents the most honest and personal record we have ever created,” says Parkway Drive frontman Winston McCall. “It has been born though pain, sacrifice, and conviction, with the ultimate goal of expanding not only what Parkway Drive stand for musically, but who we are as people. Thank you for listening.”

Today marks the premiere of “The Void,” one of the many heart-shredding anthems featured on Reverence. Directed by Allan Hardy, the video fully channels the furious energy of “The Void,” a track built on thrashing rhythms, ferocious vocal work, and deeply infectious melodies.

Watch “The Void” here

Produced by longtime Parkway Drive sound engineer George Hadjichristou, Reverence arrives as the follow-up to 2015’s IRE—Parkway Drive’s most hugely successful album to date and a major force in boosting their ever-growing worldwide following. In addition to broadening the band’s sonic palette, Reverence offers up some of Parkway Drive’s most devastating songs yet.


1. Wishing Wells

2. Prey

3. Absolute Power

4. Cemetery Bloom

5. The Void

6. I Hope You Rot

7. Shadow Boxing

8. In Blood

9. Chronos

10. The Colour Of Leaving

Along with McCall, Parkway Drive features guitarists Luke Kilpatrick and Jeff Ling, bassist Jia O’Connor, and drummer Ben Gordon. Formed in Byron Bay in 2002, the band has released five studio albums, all on Epitaph: Killing with a Smile (2005), Horizons (2007), Deep Blue (2010), Atlas (2012), and IRE (2015). With all five albums certified gold in Australia, Parkway Drive have also released two platinum-selling DVDs (2012’s Home is for the Heartless and 2009’s Parkway Drive: The DVD).

Globally praised for their powerful live show, Parkway Drive will kick off a spring headlining run of the U.S. next month.

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Rockcast 58: No Holds Barred with Robb Flynn

Thursday, Feb, 15 2018

Robb Flynn is the outspoken frontman for Bay Area metal band Machine Head, who have just released their 9th studio album 'Catharsis.' This album has moments that are a bit of departure for Machine Head, specifically the song "Bastards." With slumping CD sales and increasing streams it may have looked like this album wasn't going to do as well as past releases, but a closer look says that's not entirely true. Robb explained this on the General Diaries and the internet hate took over. It's time to go in depth with Robb Flynn.

Listen to "Rockcast 58 - No Holds Barred with Robb Flynn of Machine Head" on Spreaker.

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Rockcast 55: Welcome to Avatar Country

Tuesday, Feb, 6 2018

Avatar (the band) formed in 2001 in Gothenburg, Sweden, a city that is also home to great metal bands like In Flames and The Haunted. I've been lucky enough to know these lovely Swedes since they first came to America on tour for their album 'Black Waltz.' Now with the release of their 7th studio album the band Avatar are ready to pay glory to their king and welcome us to 'Avatar Country.' 

Listen to "Rockcast 55 - Welcome to Avatar Country" on Spreaker.

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New Video Friday

Friday, Jan, 19 2018

Two new rock videos released today. 

Frist check out the vid for the latest Breaking Benjamin song "Red Cold River" Their new album Ember is due out this spring.

Now here's a new song from our friends in Pop Evil called "Colors Bleed." Their new self-titled album is due out Feb. 16th. 

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Rockcast 45: Jerry Horton of Papa Roach

Saturday, Nov, 25 2017

Jacboby Shaddix of Papa Roach once told his guitar player Jerry Horton and myself that we look so much alike we could be brothers. I don't see it but hey what the hell. Always amazing to catch up with Jerry who's one of my favorite guitar players in modern rock. We did joke around about being each other's doppelganger at the beginning of the conversation, but we were cut off. We then picked up the conversation there. Papa Roach's new album is called 'Crooked Teeth' and they'll be playing a few X-mas shows in December.

Listen to "Rockcast 45 - Jerry Horton from Papa Roach" on Spreaker.

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