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Two wives? No thanks

Wednesday, Jan, 27 2016

The thing about flipping through your social media network of choice i.e. Facebook, Twitter and such is you just never know if you read something if it's true or not, but that's a discusion for another time. While randomly going through Facebook I saw this picture that Phil Taylor the lead singer of Future Leaders of the World posted.

That's not real...is it? It is a real country that I honestly never heard of. It is obviously a muslim country and I'm assuming (I know that makes me an ass but.) the muslim religion wouldn't allow men to have more than one wife. I could be wrong. As good as having two wifes sounds to you THREESOMES!!!! I don't think it would be all that great. That's now two women to yell at you, two women to tell you you're getting fat or old, two women with honey do lists, two women to drive you insane. Just think abou it, the better situation is a wife and her girlfriend. 

posted by: Cutter

Razor 3-Way: Shaman's Harvest (Video)

Tuesday, Jan, 19 2016

From now on everytime I have a Razor 3-Way with a rock star on Thursday's a video version will be created. The first one is with Nathan Hunt from Shaman's Harvest. It includes our conversation along with three songs, in video form, from their latest album Smokin' Hearts & Broken Guns. Have fun looking up my nose! 

posted by: Cutter

Indecent Exposure: 3 Doors Down

Monday, Jan, 18 2016

Yes that 3 Doors Down. They are back with the first new album in 5 years called Us and the Night due out March 11th. Of course this means touring and festivals and all that goes with it. Now though is this Razor rock or are you showing it some Razor hate?

posted by: Cutter

Indecent Exposure: Monster Truck

Thursday, Jan, 14 2016

Canadian southern rock? YES!!!! Don't F** With the Truck! Ok I"m excited. The band is called Monster Truck and with a new album due out on Feb. 19th called Gettin' Heavy they are getting set to take over the United Sates. First though we need to figure out what you think of this song. It's called "Don't Tell Me How to Live" Are you showing it Razor love or Razor hate?

posted by: Cutter

Indecent Exposure: Megadeth

Tuesday, Jan, 12 2016

Dystopia is the name of Megadeth's 15th studio album, yes as in 15! That's pretty incredible. Dave Mustaine and company this time around are joined by Lamb of God drummer Chris Adler and the songs don't seem to let up. Check out the new tune and let us know if you're showing it some Razor love or Razor hate?

posted by: Cutter