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Rockcast Episode 3: Cutter Goes to Vegas

Friday, Feb, 24 2017

After spending a few days in Las Vegas for the Radio Contraband convention and rock radio awards, Cutter came back with a major hangover and 3 quick conversations with All That Remains, Scott Stapp of Creed and Art of Anarchy and Incubus. As he recounts his stories of sin Rylan makes fun of him.

Listen to "Episode 3: Cutter Goes to Vegas" on Spreaker.

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Rockcast Episode 2: Covers Get Down

Monday, Feb, 20 2017

This week Rylan and Cutter are discussing some of the best and worst rock covers including that one by Disturbed about the Silence. Then Zach Myers from the band Shinedown calls in to talk to Cutter about everything from what his favorite steak is, to his other project called Allen, Mack, Myers, and Moore to the future of one of rock's most successful bands.

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Indecent Exposure: Eve to Adam

Monday, Feb, 13 2017

Eve to Adam are back!!! Ok maybe that doesn't excite you but it's not often you get a record out, get to tour the country, get dropped by your label and still come back and kick ass. New album is called Odyssey and it's out 2/20. They will also be playing at Phatheadz downtown Green Bay on March 2nd. The song is called Tongue Tied, take a listen and let us know if you're showing it some Razor love or Razor hate?

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Indecent Exposure: Bring Me The Horizon

Monday, Feb, 6 2017

The 4th Rock song to be released from the latest Bring Me The Horizon album That's the Spirit is called "Oh No" and although it's different and a little left feild for the once metalcore band, watch the video and take a listen to the song. Then let us know below if you're showing it Razor love or Razor hate?


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Cutter's Rockcast Episode 1: A Starset to Northern Invasion

Monday, Feb, 6 2017

Cutter and Rylan have a podcast, I did think about naming it that in honor of Zach and Miri Make a Porno, but thought better of it.

In Episode 1 we are joined by Dustin Bates who is the lead singer of the band Starset. They have just released their 2nd album 'Vessels' and their live show is turning heads all over the world. Also Rylan and Cutter discuss what has become a controversial line-up for the World's Loudest Month festival Northern Invasion.

Listen to "Episode 1 - A Starset to Northern Invasion" on Spreaker.

posted by: Cutter