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Indecent Exposure: Rival City Heights

Tuesday, Mar, 29 2016

Let me just put this excerpt from the band's bio here:

If Jeff Gutt so desired, he could be a solo artist, putting his name out front and riding the notoriety of being a finalist on THE X FACTOR who dazzled audiences and judges alike with his commanding voice and electrifying physical presence. The path, it seemed, was plowed and clear.

But that’s not really Gutt’s style.

So say hello to Rival City Heights, the new group that Gutt formed in the wake of his success because, at heart, he’s been a band guy during the vast majority of his 20 years of pounding the musical rock.

So now you know where the band Rival City Heights come from, here's their signal "Take it Back" and make sure you let us know if you're showing it some Razor love or if you're showing it Razor hate.

posted by: Cutter

Did RATM predict Trump for President?

Tuesday, Mar, 29 2016

With all the Presidential candidants in Wisconsin this week ahead of the primary vote next Tuesday did the band Rage Against the Machine predict Donald Trump for President? In the video for Sleep Now in the Fire there is someone holding a sign that says exactly that.

Now see the video for yourself:

And well we're on the topic here is the other two songs we played during the Razor 3-Way today

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Why I do what I do

Friday, Mar, 25 2016

Believe it or not I get asked this question a lot. Well besides my love of music it's this reaction, this is why I do what I do.

Back in November I requested my favorite radio station play "Roots" by Sepultura. I suspected maybe it was borderline...

Posted by Sarah Lee Hamilton on Friday, March 25, 2016

posted by: Cutter

Do not text and watch Disturbed

Friday, Mar, 25 2016

Or David Draiman will get you. 

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Indecent Exposure: The Veer Union

Tuesday, Mar, 22 2016

The Veer Union....do you remember them? Hmmm No? that's OK. They've actually been around for about 10 years and have just put out their 6 studio album called Decade. Forget the history, check out this tune and then dig back. The song is called "Defying Gravity" and I need to know if you're going to show it some Razor love or Razor hate.

posted by: Cutter