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Green Bay Punk scene doc

Wednesday, Jul, 22 2015

About four years ago I was entering my final year of school for digital media, but I had excelled at the film part of digital media. I remember talking to another guy in my class that was quickly becoming the best film person in the entire school about my dream documentary. You see I have this goal in life to produce rock docs. To me the best part about interviewing bands is getting the story inside the story, I love having that conversation. Anyway I had this idea to do a Rock Doc on the Green Bay punk scene of the 1990's. It's a scene that I lived in, but wasn't one of the major players. We all knew who Timebomb Tom was, after all he owned the Concert Cafe. We all felt like Reverend Norb, lead singer of the band Boris the Sprinkler, was the biggest rock star we knew. We all knew the legendary story about the floor caving in during a Vacum Scam/Bleed show at Kutska's Hall in Howard. In fact everyone was there or at least so it seemed. Then there was that time that a member of the Luna Chicks hit on me and wanted me to go get drunk with her at The Speakeasy next door, but stopped when I had to tell her I was only 17. (Stop singing that crappy Winger song right now!) That all happened in the 90's, but how did the Green Bay punk scene really get going?

Enter Green Blah! The History of Green Bay Punk Rock. 

(click the pic above to give money via Kickstarter)

This is incredible! I want to see this in the worst way. We lived it, we ate it, we breathed it, so now let's do it again. Wait all these people are still alive! See we can survive off PBR and cheese. Told you mom!

Ok now I would tell you more about it but I'll let the famous Rev. Norb do those honors.

I really wish I would have had the time to start the process of that idea of the documentary about the Green Bay punk scene. Even better though is I don't have to, because the idea was so good someone else thought of it. Go give them your money so this gets made. And hey come on, who wouldn't want a personalized tour from Rev. Norb?


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Heavy metal bassist is your soldier of the year

Tuesday, Jul, 21 2015

Ever wonder what happened to the former Acid Bath bassist Joseph Fontenot? No? Yeah me neither but it turns out his story is one we should all look at for inspiration. Not only was Mr. Fontenot the bassist in Acid Bath but he was also the bassist in the band Jacknife who back in the early 2000's had signed a record deal and was touring before Grandpa Gumbo, (his nickname,) decided to quit and join the Army. 

Here's the story on Mititary Time's Soldier of the Year Joseph Fontenot:

Staff Sgt. Joseph Fontenot works out at his unit gym at Fort Campbell, Ky. (Photo: Daniel Woolfolk/Staff)

The native of Larose, Louisiana, was a bass player in a metal band that had been signed by the same record company as Pantera.

Jacknife was busy touring the country, playing gig after gig.

On one of those tours, as the band traveled through New York, it stopped at a truck stop.

Fontenot, whose nickname at the time was Grandpa Gumbo, spotted a National Guard soldier and some of his fellow soldiers.

"I went up to him and I said, 'Hey, man, thank you for doing what you do,' " he said. "He said, 'No need to thank me. I do what I do for my family.'"

The young soldier made an impression on the road-weary rocker.

"This kid's probably 19 years old and probably has more direction than I did when I was 30 years old," Fontenot said. "When we got home, I decided I wanted to join the Army."

Fontenot called the record label the next day and told them of his plans. His manager offered him "a bigger gig," Fontenot said.

"I said, 'No, I'm going to join the Army,' " he said. "I went to the recruiting station the next day and joined."

After his seemingly snap decision, Fontenot, who before Jacknife was a member of a band named Acid Bath, hasn't looked back.

(Read more of this incredible story here from the Military Times)

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Pearly Gates Veteran's Ride

Monday, Jul, 13 2015

Before I say anything about this ride it would not have been possible without the help of Vandervest Harley-Davidson. They once again came through in a pinch and provided me one of their rental bikes. This time it was a 2015 Heritage Softtail. It's an amazing ride and with Vandervest doing .99% APR unitl Wednesday I really just want to go back and buy one. Here is my wife and I just before the ride with her on the bike. 

Now you may or may not know that for the last year or so I've been working with (and riding with) the 45-3 chapter of the Combat Veteran's Motorcycle Association or CVMA. Rides to honor and raise money for Vets and Vet causes is what we do. The entire CVMA is made up of Vets that help Vets and I'm honored to be what is called a support member. 

This is the first time I've done the Pearly Gates Veteran's Ride and I can't say enough good things about it. From the amount of bikes and cars on the ride you know they made a ton of money. The feel good nature of it though is hard to explain. From the moment the ride takes off their are people lined up on the side of the road waving and flying American flags. That doesn't let up down state hwys to county roads. Every little town we went through like Laribee and Maribel had people lined up cheering. 

Only stop on the ride was at Way-Mor park in Wayside but we had good time there with a little party, and at one point all of us where at the port-o-jons at the same time. I know that joke writes itself.

I have to give it up to everyone involved. It was a great day for a ride and the ride was spectacular. It was a great cause and a great party. If you ride you should do this next year, if you do, I'll see you there.

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Indecent Exposure: Awaken the Empire

Thursday, Jul, 9 2015

Off their debut album Aurora It's the debut song from the band Awaken the Empire called "Cross My Heart." Take a listen and let us know if you're showing it Razor love or Razor hate?

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Emily hates Kid Rock

Thursday, Jul, 9 2015

Awhile ago we recieved an email from Emily in DePere who explained her extreme distaste for Kid Rock, and asked us to never play him again. I read her email on the air and as soon as did people started calling for Kid Rock requests specifically to dedicate those songs to Emily. Flash forward to today and a Razor 3-Way request came in for Kid Rock's "American Bad-ass." We played this request along with 2 other Kid Rock songs but not before apologizing to Emily in DePere. She heard is and this is her email

Lmao so I totally did hear you guys saying you were sorry for playing that red neck shit lol much love guys i laughed so fucking hard and yea I did turn the channel I put in a cd that wasn't slayer lol I really only listen to punk rock so I put in cock sparrer lol. And God for bid if u sent send kid rock stuff lol 

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