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F*** Yer #

Wednesday, Aug, 27 2014

posted by: Cutter

The lines have been blurred

Tuesday, Aug, 26 2014

This guy is an extremely popular country artist

And this guy is the frontman of one of the most popular Heavy Metal/Hard Rock bands of the last 25 years

posted by: Cutter

New Slipknot is gooooood!

Monday, Aug, 25 2014

What self respecting Slipknot fan didn't get excited about their 5th album after hearing "The Negative One?" Now though we knew that wouldn't be the actual single the pushed to sell records and downloads. Slipknot has done this before. Think back to Iowa and the first song we heard was "Heretic Anthem." With that being said are you ready for another new track? Keep in mind this is the actual single from the new album, and no we still don't know who the drummer is. 

Thoughts? It's pretty catchy and still has that sound you're looking for from Slipknot. Now Corey Taylor has said that this album will be a good mix between Iowa and Vol. 3. 

And just in case you've been living under a rock here's the "The Negative One" as well.

Update: The new album .5 The Gray Chapter will be out October 21st!!!

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Wednesday, Aug, 20 2014

It's taken over the world and that's OK. The ALS foundation has raised almost 16 million dollars  in the last month to raise awarness and for research of Lou Gehrig's Disease. The Ice Bucket Challenge was created to raise awareness and the premise goes that if your nominated you have 24 hours to complete the challenge of having ice cold water dumbed on you, and if you don't you need to donate $100 to ALS. Now most do both as it's a great cause. Well it's my turn. 

I was nominated to do the Ice Bucket Challenge by House the coach of the semi-professional football team the Fox Valley Force. The money they have been able to raise for ALS research is incredible. I took part but decided to add a little T&A so I did mine at The Oval Office Gentlemen's Club in Green Bay, WI. I challenge Travis Lee from the band Red Light Saints, Matt Brooks from the band Like a Storm and exotic entertainer Bambu Jessica

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Strippers to your door?

Monday, Aug, 18 2014

Sure why not. A new app for your smart phone or device has been invented called Clover, think uber for adult entertainment, and since guys like looking at naked girls in person it works! Clover lets users swipe through headshots of dancers to pick their favorite. Yes this is real and has launched in Boston. Girls like it because they get to keep more of the money they make where in a club they have to give a percentage to the club itself. 

Now the question is if it's legal or not, or even if it's safe. If you've ever hired a stripper for a party you know they come with some big muscled bald guy who probably has at least 3 kills in his life. Here's what Clover's devolopers had to day about it:

“Entertainers live a tough life and technology can make their life better,” they recently told BostInno. “We are currently working on how to approach these situations and discussing if we need to get higher-ups involved in these conversations.”

Well alright then, why not? You probably pay just as much for a regular date and the girl getting naked is a crap shoot. 

More on this can be found from The Daily Dot

posted by: Cutter