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Nonpoint Breaking Skin Video

Tuesday, Sep, 30 2014

Nonpoint's new album is in stores today check out the video for their new song "Breaking Skin" and pick up your copy of The Return wherever you buy your music from.

posted by: Cutter

Music you need to hear before tonight

Thursday, Sep, 25 2014

There is yet another rock show in town at The Green Bay Distillery featuring Bobaflex, The Last Vegas, Rubicon Cross and Fahrenheit 420. In case you don't know much about those bands check out the videos below and go and enjoy yet another stellar show in Green Bay.

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A great day at Fox Valley Technical College

Friday, Sep, 19 2014

Some more information:

There is HUGE job demand in a number of critical transportation career fields. You can get the training you need in state-of-the-art facilities at Fox Valley Technical College, then take advantage of upcoming job fairs to connect with numerous area employers. And thanks to special grant funding, you have even more options to complete your training and get into the workforce quicker.

Visit FVTC.edu for more info

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27 Live Metallica albums

Wednesday, Sep, 17 2014

This post is from Metallica.com

We’ve been extremely proud to offer virtually every show we’ve done in the past ten years as a download within days of the shows happening… sometimes even hours! Over the years we’ve been able to offer more download options adding HD audio and Apple lossless files to the mix, but we still get requests for the “old school” compact disc. To celebrate ten years of Live Metallica, we’re going to make that happen! Starting today through the end of this year, every show that we’ve played in 2014 will be released on CD! All shows with the exception of the MAP Benefit concert and Glastonbury are from the By Request tour with songs that you voted on… each night on the tour presented a different set list.

We want to keep it simple so we’ll go in order of when the shows were played starting with Bogotá, Colombia, Quito, Ecuador and Lima, Perufrom the March South American run. Next week the next three shows will be available and so on, rolling out three shows at a time on Mondays. For those of you who want it all, we’re also giving you a chance to pre-order a box set with all 27 shows included, which will ship in December. There’s that special concept of a volume discount and you’ll have a box to store all your CD’s in. CD’s will be priced at the very clever price of $19.81 a pop with the box set at $417.00 (spot the savings!) and you can place your orders at either LiveMetallica.com or in theMet Store.

And for you vinyl junkies, select shows will be released on limited edition 180-gram vinyl early next year. And once again, we here at your friendly Metallica HQ want your input as to which shows you would like to see on vinyl… YOU choose from the 27 shows we’ve played this year by voting for your favs here. We’ll take the top four that receive the most votes and press them up for you to order in early 2015.  Voting will close on September 26.

Let us know what you think and look for many more releases and some cool box sets in the New Year!

Looks like us die-hard Metallica fans are about to go broke

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The Slayer Button

Monday, Sep, 15 2014

The Slayer button should only be used in case of emergency. Use with extreme caution when to cleanse the hard rock pallet after being forced to listen something that sucks. Disclaimer: May cause violent headbanging and/or hardcore rocking.

posted by: Cutter