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Rockcast 31 - Nothing More's Jonny Hawkins

Monday, Sep, 18 2017

Kaytie and I had a real quick conversation with the lead singer of Nothing More, Jonny Hawkins. Their second album 'The Stories We Tell Ourselves' came out last Friday and after being able to spend a lot of time with it, we needed to geek out on it. This won't take long for you to listen to, so enjoy our conversation about one of the best newer bands on the block, Nothing More.

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Linkin Park: One More Light

Monday, Sep, 18 2017

Director and Linkin Park band member Joe Hahn said this about the new video for "One more Light."

"It has been incredibly emotional to work on this, and especially to watch it. I feel that by doing it, we not only faced some of our biggest fears, but it enabled us to use our talents to bring some light to people who need it. As we move forward to the Hollywood Bowl show and beyond, I think about the people who connect with the band, outside and inside our circle. This video is a gesture of good will to the people who want that connection."

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Rockcast 25: Blacktop Mojo

Monday, Aug, 7 2017

Blacktop Mojo is not a household name, in fact you may have seen this episode title and said out loud, "who?" Well that's what Kaytie and I are here for and we love when we get to introduce you to new bands. Blacktop Mojo comes from a small town in Texas where they grew up on a good dose of country music and cheap beer. Their second album 'Burn the Ships' is out now. It features their rising single "Where the Wind Blows" and their incredible cover of Aerosmith's "Dream On."

We pick up this conversation kind of in the middle, so let's catch you up. Kaytie and myself backstage with the entire band, talking about the music industry, the band, and doing it all by yourselves. When you hear us say something about someone named Dimitri, that is their manager and someone I've known for a long time. This is a good quick look at one of rock's up and comers.

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Slayer Performs 'Raining Blood' On Jimmy Fallon [VIDEO]

Friday, Jul, 28 2017

Jimmy Fallon was obviously excited when Slayer took the Tonight Show stage to perform their hit classic 'Raining Blood.' 

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Hinder Play Acoustic LIVE IN STUDIO [VIDEO]

Thursday, Jul, 27 2017

Hinder stopped into the studio on their way to a show in Madison to talk about the upcoming album 'The Reign,' a new video coming out and play some acoustic tracks. They also hooked us up with a bunch of autographed CD's that we'll be giving away when the album comes out on August 11th.

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