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6 Cool Sex Positions to beat the heat

Wednesday, Aug, 6 2014

All of these are courtesy of Likes.com

#1 On The Tile Floor

Getting prone on the kitchen and bathroom floor supplies ample space for this cool sex romp.

#2 The 'Symbiosis' Sex
No need for words, but also avoid touching "hot" skin by having NO "contact sex" at all. Virtual sex or kinky video games are the ways to go here!

#3 The 'Eye Stare' Method
This is super easy, all you need is the shower or bath with a HUGE imagination.

#4 The Hand Stimulation
Remember essential is holding and sucking down that ice cold "Cherry Coke"!

#5 'Oral' Positions
As an all time FAV . . you can get really creative with this one!

#6 The Air Conditioner
We never knew the ultimate sex machine could be something so ordinary, right? Now, what would we do without that "wall unit"?!

posted by: Cutter

Kid Rock rips everyone a new one

Monday, Aug, 4 2014

Remember a few weeks ago when Kid Rock's name was brought up in a sexual harassment case against Insane Clown Possee and the record label? SupposedlyKid Rock was given a glass dildo that he needs to turn over as evidence. Kid Rock's full response to this is below.

(These are the actual letters sent to the attorneys involved.)

Dear Jim Rasor and Jon Marko,

I'm told that you have issued a subpoena for a “glass dildo” that was supposedly given to me. No idea what you're talking about, and I definitely don't have it. I've never heard of, seen, or met any people involved in this case. But I'm pretty sure you already know that. What I do know is that you've been dragging my name around in the media to gain attention for your sad ass excuse for a law firm. I don’t care what you do when you finally catch up to the ambulances you chase, but I do care when you bring my name into it for no reason at all.

Let me ask you this. Say in a lawsuit that another crappy firm was handling, your names were brought up for no reason. You wake up one morning, excited for a new day of exploiting the legal system and people dumb enough to look at your website (nice pictures btw, did you study how to look like douchebags in college?), and when you open the newspaper there’s a report from someone you’ve never heard of talking about how Jon Marko and Jim Rasor got caught molesting animals at a petting zoo while high on bath salts. Now imagine you weren’t the scumbags you are, but a citizen who has raised millions of dollars for his hometown, spent hours helping to promote the arts, had helped wounded veterans returning from combat. Say you were people who aren't a blight on our planet – wouldn’t you be pissed off that your name, for days on end, was being mentioned in the press when EVERYONE involved knew you weren't involved in any way? Welcome to my side of this story.

-Kid Rock

Dear Brian E. Koncius,

I'm told that your client has testified under oath in a deposition that he presented a former employee of Psychopathic Records with a glass dildo, who then allegedly gave the dildo to me? There are only two possible explanations for what your client said: either he is an absolute pathological liar, who for some insane reason decided to make up a bullshit story using my name or 2: he thinks he’s a comedian and was trying to be funny. If he was joking then he's just an asshole who isn't funny. But if it was not 100% clear that he was attempting to make a joke, then he just lied under oath because I've never met your client, and if I had met your client I'd certainly remember if he tried to give me a glass fucking dildo. Even if it was the “Rasor Law Firm” that sent a press release to the press, you have done nothing to clear up this blatant lie which makes you to blame too. It is obvious that all you assholes are using my name and notoriety to garner publicity for yourselves, which makes you the worst kind of scum. You're the types of lawyers that make America a worse place for everyone.

I live in Detroit because I can stay out of the fray here and live my life the way I chose to. If I wanted to deal with this shit I'd move to LA, and if I want press, I can get it - trust me. No matter why your client said what he did, it’s clear that you, your client, and the Rasor Law Firm have gone out of your way to help get this story told. How would you feel if one day your name appeared across the internet connected to a story you knew absolutely nothing about. One day you come downstairs to the angry glare of your wife who asks if you really were arrested over the weekend for driving high on crystal meth with a bound and gagged hooker in your trunk. Did you? Because it’s all over the internet, some lawyer you’ve never met put it out in a press release! Must be true right? I'm guessing you probably wouldn’t like that, and would at least appreciate it if the guy who made it up admitted that you never did those things.

Your website says you represent people who are “interested in doing the right thing.” I don't believe that, but prove me wrong.

-Kid Rock

These letters were posted to Kid Rock's official website.

posted by: Cutter

Brett Favre coming back to Green Bay

Monday, Aug, 4 2014

Before my opinion here is the official story from our sister station 95.3 WSCO

Favre officially going into Packers Hall of Fame The Green Bay Packers and the Packers Hall of Fame officially announced plans to induct former quarterback Brett Favre into the Hall, and retire his number.

The team will retire No. 4 during the July 2015 induction ceremony. Packers president Mark Murphy says Favre and his family will be invited to a game during the 2015 season, and the team will unveil his retired number, alongside the others in franchise's history.

Favre says he's speechless, and it's time to come back.

Perry Kidder of the Packers Hall of Fame announced that Favre will be the only inductee in 2015. The Hall will be opening its new museum, at the Lambeau Field Atrium, around that time.

Ok we all knew this was going to happen no matter what our thoughts on Mr. Favre's actions were. I grew up as most of us did watching ole' Number 4 making incredible play after incredible play while wearing the green and gold. When he won the Super Bowl I walked Lombardi Ave and celebrated at Lambeau Field during the return to Titletown parade. I think his actions were selfish and wrong but that doesn't mean I don't remember the good times and I'll be the first to cheer for him when he comes back to be inducted into the Packer Hall of Fame and get his number retired. 

And just for fun here is my satrical look at Green Bay's last Brett Favre Fan

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Sid Wilson Backstage

Monday, Aug, 4 2014

Sid Wilson of course you know as the DJ for Slipknot. Since the new song "The Negative One" is out and there is a good amount of Sid on the song I thought we should go back in history. Two years ago Sid did a DJ show in Green Bay and him and I sat down on his tour bus for a conversation about the early days of The Knot and much more.

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Thursday, Jul, 31 2014

This Saturday the Hog Days of Summer will come to an end with Vander-Fest at Vandervest Harley-Davidson in Green Bay. I'm so excited for this day because it starts with this and being around Harley's all day plus giving away a 2013 Street Bob, then for me ending with a night at Lambeau Field. And for once my kids can actually join me for it. Here are all the details on Vander-Fest. 

-One lucky winner is riding home on a New Harley Street Bob on Aug 2nd, 2014.
-Join Us on August 2nd for the VanderFEST Storewide Event and Bike Giveaway Party!
-10 more chances to qualify for the Street Bob giveaway.
-Two qualifiers will be chosen each hour starting at 10am.
-Must be present at our Green Bay location to qualify.
-Grand Prize drawing held at 4pm
-Storewide event includes savings on all pre-owned Harleys and savings on
-H-D licensed merchandise. This will be a family friendly event.
-There will be a bounce house, face painting and balloon animals
along with food and beverages available, supporting local charities.
-Music by DJ-Top Hat Entertainment.

Click here for more info

posted by: Cutter