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New Video Friday

Friday, Jan, 19 2018

Two new rock videos released today. 

Frist check out the vid for the latest Breaking Benjamin song "Red Cold River" Their new album Ember is due out this spring.

Now here's a new song from our friends in Pop Evil called "Colors Bleed." Their new self-titled album is due out Feb. 16th. 

posted by: Cutter

Rockcast 45: Jerry Horton of Papa Roach

Saturday, Nov, 25 2017

Jacboby Shaddix of Papa Roach once told his guitar player Jerry Horton and myself that we look so much alike we could be brothers. I don't see it but hey what the hell. Always amazing to catch up with Jerry who's one of my favorite guitar players in modern rock. We did joke around about being each other's doppelganger at the beginning of the conversation, but we were cut off. We then picked up the conversation there. Papa Roach's new album is called 'Crooked Teeth' and they'll be playing a few X-mas shows in December.

Listen to "Rockcast 45 - Jerry Horton from Papa Roach" on Spreaker.

posted by: Cutter

Rockcast 41: The Art of the Interview

Wednesday, Nov, 1 2017

On the latest host episode of the Rockcast Kaytie and Cutter discuss what it actually takes to interview all these rockstars you hear us talk to. We discuss how bad interviews happen and why Cutter generally feels bad for those musicians who have to keep answering the same question over and over again. Plus there's some sex jokes and a drinking game. Everytime Kaytie says "Rock on the Range" drink!

Listen to "Rockcast 41 - The Art of the Interview" on Spreaker.

posted by: Cutter

Rockcast at Aftershock - Nothing More

Sunday, Oct, 22 2017

I've talked to Jonny Hawkins from Nothing More so many times that it was nice to catch up with the bands guitarist and bassist, Matt and Dan. Hearing about 'The Stories We Tell Ourselves' from their perspective is pretty cool. Remember the background noise is very noticeable as this conversation took place in the media tent at Aftershock.

Listen to "Rockcast Aftershock - Nothing More" on Spreaker.

posted by: Cutter

Rockcast at Aftershock - Billy Howerdel from A Perfect Circle

Saturday, Oct, 21 2017

Continuing the day one Aftershock adventure I was able to catch up with one of my favorite musicians, Billy Howerdel from A Perfect Circle. This show kicks off their North American tour and now that we have new music in the song "The Doomed" it was high time to catch up.

Listen to "Rockcast at Aftershock - Billy Howerdel of A Perfect Circle" on Spreaker.

posted by: Cutter