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Rockcast 40: Fall of 91

Wednesday, Oct, 18 2017

Some of the greatest rock albums to ever be released came out in the later part of 1991. Scratch that, some of the greatest albums period came out in '91. Metallica, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Ozzy, Soundgarden, Temple of the Dog, Guns n' Roses, Red Hot Chili Peppers and more all released career defining albums between the middle of August and the end of September. 1991 has gone down as one of, if not the greatest year in music history. Kaytie and I give our thoughts and go into details on some of these landmark records. 

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Rockcast 39: Who is Greta Van Fleet?

Friday, Oct, 13 2017

Sam Kiszka is the bassist for the band Greta Van Fleet out of Frankenmuth, MI. (Frankenmuth is also known as Christmas town,) Sam formed the band along with his brothers Josh and Jake. There are only teenagers fresh out of high school and yet their song "Highway Tune" spent most of the month of September on top of the rock charts. That song was also featured in an episode of the Showtime show Shameless. Now you know who they are, but let's find out how it came to be for one the hottest new bands in rock, Greta Van Fleet.

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Rockcast 38: Kaytie does Sonic Boom

Wednesday, Oct, 11 2017

Our lovely Kaytie went and spent some time at the Sonic Boom festival in Janesville, WI on Sunday Oct. 1st. Sure she hung out with some rockstars and other radio friends, but she also got to have a few conversations with some of our favorite people. First Arejay and Lzzy from Halestorm, then Bill Kelliher of Mastodon and finally Joey Dandeneau from Theory (formerly Theory of a Deadman.) 

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Rockcast 32: Basics of Booking

Wednesday, Sep, 20 2017

Over the last few months we've been asked the question on how concert booking works. We have also seen all the negative comments about someone's favorite band playing on a week night, or tickets being to expensive, or the ending to early, or not liking the headliner of a major festival, or whatever other excuse you can come up with. Well a lot goes into booking a tour or even just a one off show. The agents, the promoters, the venues, sometimes the radio stations, and yes even the bands have to put a lot of work into setting these shows or tours up. Kaytie and I dig deeper and discuss the ins and outs of how this works. You're welcome.

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Rockcast 31 - Nothing More's Jonny Hawkins

Monday, Sep, 18 2017

Kaytie and I had a real quick conversation with the lead singer of Nothing More, Jonny Hawkins. Their second album 'The Stories We Tell Ourselves' came out last Friday and after being able to spend a lot of time with it, we needed to geek out on it. This won't take long for you to listen to, so enjoy our conversation about one of the best newer bands on the block, Nothing More.

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posted by: Cutter