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Thu, June 29, 2017

Indecent Exposure: The Picturebooks

I can't say this any better than what this article from Consequence of Sound said.

"If there’s something about The Picturebooks’ sound that has you thinking of dirty garages filled with motorcycles and stale beer, then you’re grasping the concept. The German duo of vocalist/guitarist Flynn Claus Grabke and drummer Philipp Mirtschink actually record in the same garage where they refurbish and repair choppers. It’s the same space in which they built their own percussion instruments and worked on their aggressive blues rock sound. You can think of it like their Fortress of Solitude, a place where their music is pure and their aesthetic feels at home."

Check out the video for the song "I Need that Ooh" and get ready to wanna get on a Harley and just rock out.