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Corey Taylor Performs With Son Griffin [VIDEO]

Friday, Jul, 28 2017

Last night in New Jersey, Corey Taylor invited a very special guest on stage to share the mic with Stone Sour.... his teenage son Griffin.

Corey took to Instagram after and shared a few pictures....

So proud of my boy. Thanks for sharin that with me, Jersey. #stonesour #hydrogradtour

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posted by: Kaytie

Hear Stone Sour Cover Rage Against The Machine and Halestorm Cover Soundgarden [AUDIO]

Thursday, Jul, 27 2017

Metal Hammer Magazine recently released a compilation album called 'Metal Hammer Goes 90s.' The CD can be found when you purchase a copy of the new issue released on July 25th.

Included in the compilation is a cover of Rage Against the Machine's 'Bombtrack' done by Stone Sour (listen below). Also included is a cover of Soundgarden's 'Fell On Black Days' done by Halestorm (listen below). The full track listing can be found below.

Metal Hammer Goes 90s Tracklist:
Stone Sour – “Bombtrack” (Rage Against The Machine cover)
Halestorm – “Fell On Black Days” (Soundgarden cover)
Prophets Of Rage – “Shut ‘Em Down” (live) (Public Enemy cover)
Epica – “Replica” (Fear Factory cover)
Hatebreed – “Refuse/Resist” (Sepultura cover)
Powerwolf – “Night Crawler” (Judas Priest cover)
Enslaved – “Jizzlobber” (Faith No More cover)
Cult Of Luna – “Bodies” (Smashing Pumpkins cover)
36 Crazyfists – “We Die Young” (Alice In Chains cover)
Fleshgod Apocalypse – “Heartwork” (Carcass cover)
Whitechapel – “Strength Beyond Strength” (Pantera cover)
Palm Reader – “Bachelorette” (Björk cover)
The One Hundred – “New Skin” (Incubus cover)
Eighteen Visions – “March Of The Pigs” (Nine Inch Nails cover)
Were I Blind – “Enjoy The Silence” (Depeche Mode cover)

posted by: Kaytie

Suicide Prevention Conversation and Information [VIDEO]

Wednesday, Jul, 26 2017

Last week, the rock community was hit hard with another artist lost to suicide this year as Linkin' Park frontman Chester Bennington took his own life. This happened on the birthday of Chester's friend Chris Cornell who committed suicide only a few months prior. 

Cutter and I didn't really know what to do or how to feel and we figured that you were probably in the same place. So we dicided to go live on Facebook and open up the conversation of suicide and mental illness. This video is honestly one of the best things I have ever done with my life. So many people reached out during the video and have reached out to Cutter and I individually since. Together, we can get through anything. I have included the video below and underneath that a list of places you can go for help if you or someone you know is battling mental illness or considering suicide.

Walk for Suicide Awareness is September 16th at Hydro Park in Kaukauna.
Check in: 8:30, Walk: Noon

HOPELINE is a text-in (versus voice call-in) free service for help and hope. HOPELINE is the first Emotional Support Text Line in the State of Wisconsin and provides service throughout the entire state. TEXT *741741

Center for Suicide Awareness
(3rd floor of St. Paul Elder Services)
316 East 14th St.; Kaukauna, WI
Office Hours: Mon-Fri 8am-4pm (closed major holidays)
Please enter through the doors by the Life Enrichment Sign. Please call 475-4748. One of our helpful staff will come down to greet you.
(920) 475-4748

Brown County - 24/7 Support Services:
- Crisis Center of Family Services: 920-436-8888
- Bellin Health Psychiatric Center: 920-433-3630
- Brown County United Way 2-1-1: 2-1-1
- National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline available at 1-800-273-8255, 24 hours a day, every day.
You may call for yourself or someone you care about, and all calls are confidential.

Prevent Suicide Wisconsin: http://www.preventsuicidewi.org/
American Foundation for Suicide Prevention: http://www.afsp.org/
Befrienders Worldwide: http://www.befrienders.org/
Crisis Link: http://www.crisislink.org/
Griefnet.org: http://griefnet.org/resources/suicide.html
Indian Health Service Behavioral Health: http://www.ihs.gov/behavioral/index.cfm
Man Therapy: Therapy the Way a Man Would Do It: http://mantherapy.org/#/center
National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention: http://actionallianceforsuicideprevention.org/
National Council for Suicide Prevention: http://www.ncsponline.org/
National Institute for Mental Health: http://www.nimh.nih.gov/health/publications/suicide-in-the-us-statistics-and-prevention/index.shtml
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: http://www.suicidepreventionlifeline.org/
SAVE – Suicide Awareness Voices of Education: http://www.save.org/
Survivors of Suicide Loss: https://soslsd.org/
Walk for Suicide Awareness – Kaukauna: http://www.walkforsuicideawareness.org/

Iris Place 24/7 warmline - 920-815-3217

posted by: Kaytie

Fireline Shooting And Training Center: Rock v Pop [VIDEO]

Wednesday, Jul, 26 2017

Earlier this month, I had an amazing experience at Fireline Shooting and Training Center. I've always been nervous about and around guns so when I was first approached about this idea, I was kind of anxious. I was asked if I would be interested in first taking a gun safety/ gun operation class, followed by having a shoot out competition with our sister station 95.9 KISS-FM. I figured that the best way to get over my fear was to just say yes.

First, Heather Storm (from KISS) and I went to Fireline Shooting and Training Center and took part in an all female instructed class. You see, Wednesday is Ladies Night. Now, that doesn't mean that guys can't come, it just means that ladies get a 1/2 price discount on lanes and rentals. It also means that the classes offered on Wednesday at taught by women, specifically for women. And I have to say, that made a big difference. Being someone who was already slightly nervous, I felt more comfortable being in a room of other women that may have had the same concerns as me. I mean lets be real, as much as men and women are the same, physically, we have different strengths. We handle our body weight differently, our lower body is stronger than our upper body, our target eye can change over the years... so having an instructor that both understood and could explain those things, was a huge benefit.

During the instructional class, I learned the proper way to handle, load and clean a gun. I also learned about the different types of guns and bullets. I was able to hold and handle a gun without bullets in it, before getting into the range for shooting. That made a HUGE difference.

Week 2, Heather Storm and I met for the official shoot out. After class, the first week, we went into the shooting range for a little practice so by week 2, Heather and I were both fairly comfortable in handling the guns. We both needed a little instruction in the very beginning and our instructor, Gal, was there the entire time making sure that we were safe and secure. Guess who one the shoot out? :) That's right... me. And I've got the target hanging at my desk now too. Super proud! If you are curious to learn how to shoot and handle guns properly... I'd head out to Fireline Shooting and Training Center. - Kaytie

posted by: Kaytie

Stone Temple Pilots To ReIssue 'Core' For 25th Anniversary

Wednesday, Jul, 26 2017

Stone Temple Pilots' debut album, Core, will be reissued on September 29th to mark its 25th anniversary.

It will be available as just the remastered album; a two-disc version that adds nine unreleased demos, the acoustic MTV Headbanger's Ball version of "Plush" and the re-recorded version of "Creep" released as a single in 1993; and a four-CD, DVD and LP super-deluxe version that adds two live shows, their MTV Unplugged performance, a 5.1 mix of the album and all the videos from that era.

Core was released on September 29th, 1992. It went on to sell more than eight-million copies and spun off four rock hits -- "Sex Type Thing," "Plush," "Wicked Garden" and "Creep."

Track Listing

Disc One: Original Album Remastered
1.      "Dead & Bloated"
2.      "Sex Type Thing"
3.      "Wicked Garden"
4.      "No Memory"
5.      "Sin"
6.      "Naked Sunday"
7.      "Creep"
8.      "Piece Of Pie"
9.      "Plush"
10.    "Wet My Bed"
11.    "Crackerman"
12.    "Where The River Goes"

Disc Two: Demos And B-sides
1.      "Only Dying" - Demo *
2.      "Wicked Garden" - Demo *
3.      "Naked Sunday" - Demo *
4.      "Where The River Goes" - Demo *
5.      "Dead & Bloated" - Demo *
6.      "Sex Type Thing" - Demo *
7.      "Sin" - Demo *
8.      "Creep" - Demo *
9.      "Plush" - Demo *
10.    "Sex Type Thing" - Swing Type Version
11.    "Plush" - Acoustic Type Version
12.    "Creep" - New Album Version
13.    "Plush" - Acoustic from MTV Headbanger's Ball (Take 1)

Disc Three: Live 1993
Live At Castaic Lake Natural Amphitheater (July 2, 1993)
1.      "Crackerman" *
2.      "Wicked Garden" *
3.      "No Memory" *
4.      "Sin" *
5.      "Plush" *
6.      "Where The River Goes" *
7.      "Sex Type Thing" *
8.      "Wet My Bed" *
9.      "Naked Sunday" *

Live At The Reading Festival (August 27, 1993)
10.    "Wicked Garden"
11.    "No Memory" *
12.    "Sin"
13.    "Lounge Fly" *
14.    "Dead & Bloated"
15.    "Sex Type Thing"
16.    "Naked Sunday"*

Disc Four: MTV Unplugged (November 17, 1993)
1.      "Crackerman"
2.      "Creep" *
3.      "Andy Warhol"
4.      "Plush" *
5.      "Big Empty" *
6.      "Wicked Garden" *
7.      "Sex Type Thing" *

Disc Five: (DVD) Original Album 5.1 Mix, 24/96 Stereo Audio, And Music Videos

* Previously Unreleased

Bonus "Plush" 7-inch
Included with www.stonetemplepilots.com preorder, limited edition of 1,000 units

Side 1
"Plush" (Edit)

Side 2

posted by: Kaytie