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Wed, July 26, 2017

Fireline Shooting And Training Center: Rock v Pop [VIDEO]

Earlier this month, I had an amazing experience at Fireline Shooting and Training Center. I've always been nervous about and around guns so when I was first approached about this idea, I was kind of anxious. I was asked if I would be interested in first taking a gun safety/ gun operation class, followed by having a shoot out competition with our sister station 95.9 KISS-FM. I figured that the best way to get over my fear was to just say yes.

First, Heather Storm (from KISS) and I went to Fireline Shooting and Training Center and took part in an all female instructed class. You see, Wednesday is Ladies Night. Now, that doesn't mean that guys can't come, it just means that ladies get a 1/2 price discount on lanes and rentals. It also means that the classes offered on Wednesday at taught by women, specifically for women. And I have to say, that made a big difference. Being someone who was already slightly nervous, I felt more comfortable being in a room of other women that may have had the same concerns as me. I mean lets be real, as much as men and women are the same, physically, we have different strengths. We handle our body weight differently, our lower body is stronger than our upper body, our target eye can change over the years... so having an instructor that both understood and could explain those things, was a huge benefit.

During the instructional class, I learned the proper way to handle, load and clean a gun. I also learned about the different types of guns and bullets. I was able to hold and handle a gun without bullets in it, before getting into the range for shooting. That made a HUGE difference.

Week 2, Heather Storm and I met for the official shoot out. After class, the first week, we went into the shooting range for a little practice so by week 2, Heather and I were both fairly comfortable in handling the guns. We both needed a little instruction in the very beginning and our instructor, Gal, was there the entire time making sure that we were safe and secure. Guess who one the shoot out? :) That's right... me. And I've got the target hanging at my desk now too. Super proud! If you are curious to learn how to shoot and handle guns properly... I'd head out to Fireline Shooting and Training Center. - Kaytie