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Thu, October 12, 2017

Thursday, Oct 12, 2017

Oh man!   I have several friends in the fire-ravaged areas of Northern California and wine country.  Please don’t forget you can donate to the Red Cross up there to help out. They are crazy scared and asking for help.  Seems our government isn’t even acknowledging their awful plight.  Mother Nature is not happy, not happy at all!  Send positive vibes to all in peril right now.

I spoke yesterday with Billy Howerdel of A Perfect Circle and now Maynard James Keenan has tweeted about news the band is in rehearsals for their tour that will embark Oct 21.

He seems to have confirmed A Perfect Circle will release new music. In a recent tweet, Keenan indicated that he was heading into rehearsals for the group’s fall North American tour, adding, “Gotta learn these new tracks” and the hashtag “#apc2018.”

The band announced earlier this year that its fourth studio LP was coming soon. The band debuted two new songs on its spring tour, “Feathers” and “Hourglass.” Rumor has it something else is in the pipeline.

A Perfect Circle’s three previous albums are 2000′s Mer De Noms, 2003′s Thirteenth Step and 2004′s covers collection, eMOTIVe. As for the long wait for the new record, guitarist Billy Howerdel said, “You can’t say, ‘hurry up, create’ . . . It has to come from chemistry and that’s what we’re trying to do.”

A Perfect Circle completed its first full-length tour since 2011 in the spring, with a fall run starting on October 21st at the Aftershock Festival in Sacramento, CA.  They are performing at least two or three new songs in their sets.

Meanwhile, Keenan’s other band, Tool, allegedly continues to work on its first new album in more than 11 years, and Maynard has been harvesting his 2017 wine crop at Caduceus and Merkin Vineyards and operating a restaurant and store in Jerome, AZ selling local products and produce.

Hollywood Undead has released a statement confirming that the band has parted ways with singer/percussionist Matty “Da Kurlzz” Busek. Fans have speculated for months about Busek’s status with the group. The official statement from the group said, “Matty and Hollywood Undead have decided that we are parting ways amicably. Matty decided he would like to pursue his own interests and we are supportive of that. We wish him nothing but the best moving forward.”

Despite a few personnel changes, four original members still remain in Hollywood Undead. Singer and guitarist J-Dog told us it all comes down to chemistry: “This would be advice for anybody in any band, it’s like just don’t take yourself too seriously. So when we hang out, it’s like we clown on each other, we’re always making fun of each other and it’s fun. If you don’t take yourself too serious, it’s like, you’re gonna get along. I’ve seen so many bands that are just like, they don’t get along, and then their band ceases to exist and then they’re not anything anymore. So if anyone’s like. ‘How do you guys stay along and stay friends?’ I mean obviously, no matter what, you’re gonna go through things here and there. As long as you don’t take yourself too serious, you’ll be just fine.”

It’s unclear what Busek’s “own interests” are at this point. Hollywood Undead’s fifth studio album, V.  V is set to come out on Oct 27th. It features the single “California Dreaming.” Hollywood Undead is on a North American tour in support of and plays on Friday night (Oct 13th) in Cedar Rapids, IA.

WOW.  Rolling Stone says it was 27 years ago yesterday (Wednesday, Oct 11th) that Dave Grohl played his first show as drummer for Nirvana. Grohl was the sixth and final person to sit behind the drum kit for the group, having won the job after Nirvana members Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic watched the then 21-year-old perform with his previous act, the Washington D.C. punk band Scream. Less than a month after their first practice session, Nirvana’s classic lineup played their first live show together on Oct 11th, 1990 at North Shore Surf Club in Olympia, WA.

METALLICA: ESP Introduces Limited-Edition ESP And LTD Kirk Hammett KH Ouija Natural Guitars

Finally today, Blabbermouth reporting ESP has introduced the KH Ouija Natural, a new limited-edition guitar in the Kirk Hammett signature series. Only 25 of the ESP version and 666 of the LTD version are being made available worldwide. 

It was around 1990 the Metallica guitarist first approached ESP with the idea of a guitar that made use of graphic elements from Hasbro‘s classic Ouija mystical board game. Back then, before the age of digital cameras and Internet communication, creating a guitar like this took some ingenuity. ESP got a Ouija board and used a combination of a copy machine and a pair of scissors to properly position the art elements on the guitar’s body. ESP faxed the result to the ESP Custom Shop in Japan, and the rest is history: the Ouija guitar became one of the most well-known and coveted signature models in ESP history.

The first version of the guitar was a one-off custom model for Kirk’s use only. It wasn’t until 2010 that ESP negotiated the rights to sell the Ouija guitar to the public. Recently, ESP came across a collection of beautiful Ouija boards that were handcrafted from wood, and it inspired the company to try a new version of the Ouija guitar with a quilted maple top. ESP had a prototype made and sent to it Kirk, who loved it.

With the new ESP Kirk Hammett Ouija Natural (25 pieces available worldwide) and the LTD KH Ouija Natural (666 pieces available worldwide), ESP now offers the Ouija guitar once again. It is another limited-edition model, and a guitar with the level of desirability and rarity to make it an instant collector’s item.

On the tube:  Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon welcomes guest Billy (William Patrick) Corgan tonight. 11:35 PM ET on NBC.