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Friday, Jan 30

Friday, Jan, 30 2015

Last night here in chilly and today, rainy, Las Vegas, hung out with so many of our hardDriveRadio stations and industry friends!  Lou Brutus and hardDriveRadio praised highly at one of the panels for being such an awesome dj and beloved by programmers and listeners! What a great feeling!  Got to see some of Las Vegas’ hometown boys perform at the Hard Rock including Otherwise and Adelitas Way.  The openers were brothers Matt and Chris Brooks of Like A Storm, who did an acoustic set and I got to watch the didgeridoo played up close and personal. Adelitas Way belted out their greatest hits and some brand new ones including the forthcoming single “I Get Around.” (The new album was produced by the band and Johnny K in Chicago!)   Before Otherwise hit the stage, I got to meet Adrian and Ryan‘s mom, Isabel (same name as my Mom!) And we ran into Chris Kael of Five Finger Death Punch. The band is on break til April! (Lucky!) The dude is the nicest ever!  He was so kind to take pix with fans who approached him. Good people, that boy!  Meanwhile, I found out Bullet For My Valentine are getting ready to start to record their next record and are planning a headlining tour over here in the states in January.  More today as we hear the new single from The Offspring called “Coming For You” and Lou interviews Dexter and Noodles!   Good times.  I might have a chance to meet producer Kevin Churko today, too! Hope so!….We’ve posted the new video interview with Papa Roach.  Same day they stopped by to see me, they went to the YouTube space and recorded an acoustic performance. Their new album F.E.A.R. dropped on Tuesday.  Check out  the acoustic here and find the Papa Roach interview discussing their 15th anniversary on the hardDrive YouTube Channel or the new hardDriveRadio APP!…..Speaking of the APP, stating Sunday,  we’ll be streaming hardDrive XL!  So exciting! Each night at midnight, you can hear hardDrive XL from the previous evening’s 7-midnight broadcast!  WOO HOO!  So now you can take Lou Brutus and hardDriveRadio (both hardDrive and the XL) with you on your smartphone!  Don’t have it yet?  What, are ya nuts?  It’s free in the app store or Google Play…. Pulse of Radio reports Black Sabbath bassist Geezer Butler has gone onto social media sites to thank fans for their support after he was arrested in a bar brawl on Tuesday night (Jan 27th) in Death Valley, California. Butler wrote, “Thx for your messages & support following the unfortunate altercation that occurred.” The 65-year-old rocker was allegedly involved in a “verbal and physical altercation” and arrested for misdemeanor assault, public intoxication and vandalism. He spent the night in jail before being released on Wednesday (Jan 28th)….Incubus will premiere “Absolution Calling,” the first single from the band’s upcoming new EP, on Los Angeles radio station KROQ next Thursday morning (Feb 5th). The veteran California group plans to release two EPs in 2015, with the first coming in February or March. (Radio.com)….Stone Temple Pilots have posted some demos on their  Soundcloud. Guitarist Dean DeLeo is giving fans a look into the band’s songwriting process by posting a selection of studio demos on Soundcloud as part of the group’s “memo:demo” series. According to the guitarist, the series will include “anything from alternative solos, songs from the point in time of their conception and some new ditties.” The latest post shares alternate guitar solo outtakes from 2013′s High Rise EP, as well as a solo acoustic guitar piece called “The Hotel On The Hill.” STP is currently working on its next album. Check it out here…..And on the eve of the launch of this year’s ShipRocked cruise, there’s one unhappy seafarer:  Wes Borland of Limp Bizkit.  Check out his Instagram post! Yikes!

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Thursday, Jan 29

Thursday, Jan, 29 2015

Sitting out here in cloudy Las Vegas.  Yesterday, as I was walking to baggage claim, I ran into my ole pal Kip Winger and guitarist Reb Beach!  The band was performing at some corporate gig here in town.  Haven’t seen Kip since we produced his music vdeos for “17″ & “Headed For A Heartbreak.”   Anyhow, since I’ve arrived in Las Vegas, I’ve hung out with some friends who live here, including Otherwise, Ronnie Radke of Falling In Revese and Rick DeJesus from Adelitas Way, who played me 3 new songs from the band’s forthcoming new album!  Holy crap!  It sounded amazing! The band has launched a PledgeMusic campaign to fund the band’s next album and its plans to promote it. The group has apparently parted ways with its label, EMI Music, since a post at the campaign site states, “We are in the jam room preparing to write, record and release our fourth studio album! This album will be not marketed by dinosaur corporate suits, but by a team that we are putting together that will finally see us taking our music global!” The post adds, “In our eight years at a major label, we NEVER had our music released worldwide! We want to change this and want YOU to be a MASSIVE part of helping us spring our music across the world!”  Frontman Rick DeJesus told us his band can survive because it’s built such a strong grassroots following: “You know, we worked so hard at establishing ourselves that it’s tough to get rid of us, even though people probably want to sometimes. You know, when corporations are ready to get rid of rock music, they can’t. You can try to crush us, but we do it such a real way, we do it so, you know, grassroots, so real, building a fan base, I mean, we have to go out and play five shows a week. You know, we have to go and bleed onstage every single day to build our fan base. And you know what? I wouldn’t have it any other way because our fans are the best.” Meanwhile, the guys from Like A Storm were also in the house last night and we’re all planning to hook up with Lou Brutus for some sit down interviews!…In other news, Foo Fighters have added a second show at NY’s Citifield where the Mets play.  Due to overwhelming demand, Jul 16th has been added to the already sold-out Jul 15th show!  And while we’re on the subject, Foo Fighters brought out some of the band’s favorite rock cover tunes at a recent shot in Rio de Janeiro. The band played Kiss‘ “Detroit Rock City,” Rush‘s “Tom Sawyer,” the Faces‘ “Stay With Me” — featuring vocals from drummer Taylor Hawkins – and the Queen/David Bowie hit “Under Pressure,” this time with Hawkins and frontman Dave Grohl sharing vocals. Footage from the show has been posted online….Halestorm posted their new video for “Apocalyptic” yesterday. Here it is….Tim Commerford of Rage Against The Machine has music in the form of a new project called Future User. Check out the video for “Mountain Lion,” which features Lance Armstrong and Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee as well as scenes of the frontman shooting up steroids. Future User’s debut disc, #SteroidsOrHeroin, arrives on Feb 24th.  Previously Tim released a viral video for the tune “Clockwork” which features John McEnroe being water-boarded.  Thanks Tim!…And finally today, feast your eyes & ears  on In This Moment performing at the NAMM Convention in  Anaheim, CA over the weekend.  They’re doing an instrumental version of Pantera‘s “Cowboys From Hell.”  As Dime would say, “getcha pull!”…In the hardDriveRadio studios today, Apocalyptica performing acoustically with new singer Franky Perez.  Their new album, Shadowmaker, drops Apr 07.

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Wednesday, Jan 28

Wednesday, Jan, 28 2015

Before I split for Las Vegas and the great RadioContraband Convention, where our own Lou Brutus will be hosting the awards show (both he and I are up for awards again this year) and will be interviewing before an audience Noodles and Dexter from The Offpsring, who are dropping a new single on Friday, here is the news:  Pulse of Radio says multiple sources have told Alternative Press  the new singer for Asking Alexandria could be Denis Shaforostov, formerly of a Ukrainian metalcore act called Make Me Famous. Shaforostov would replace longtime singer Danny Worsnop, who officially announced his departure from the group late last week.  Alternative Press has offered several reasons why Shaforostov could be the band’s new frontman. First, Asking Alexandria and Make Me Famous have a similar sound. Second, Shaforostov’s new act, Down & Dirty, is signed to the same label as Asking Alexandria, Sumerian Records. And lastly, Shaforostov posted a message on his Instagram account just before Worsnop left the band, saying in part, “There’s such thing as karma and magic in this world . . . You never know when and how but trust me, your door will open and the future will be yours for the taking — just wait and see.”  Worsnop announced his departure on Jan 22nd, saying in a statement, ”Over the last eight years together, we’ve done some amazing things and created something truly special. I now, same as then, want what’s best for the band and at this point in time, that isn’t me.” ?Asking Alexandria guitarist Ben Bruce wrote on Facebook, “This isn’t the end, this is the start of a whole new chapter. This is where we come together and make history.”  Worsnop’s departure came just days after it was announced that his other band, We Are Harlot, will release its self-titled debut album on March 31st. Check out the new lead singer here…Take a look at Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington‘s Twitter page for some up close and personal shots of his ankle surgery. He really did a great job breaking his ankle in several spots.  I am sure when he goes through airport xray machines, the pins will set off alarms. Last day for the  Win A Call with Linkin Parkcontest is tomorrow!…..Well! Pulse also reporting even though he’s still on the road behind last fall’s World On Fire album, Slash has not given up his second career as a horror film producer. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame guitarist told Billboard his company Slasher Films‘ next project should be out by the end of 2015. He explained, “I’m into bringing back the psychological, the super scary. Especially the things you can’t see going on — character-driven, plot-driven kinda things.”  Slash’s next movie will follow up 2013′s Nothing Left To Fear, which marked his debut as a producer. He told us at the time how it compared to making records: Producing a film is definitely more complex. It’s a slow process, raising money is very difficult, but I mean, I really enjoyed it, a) because I have such a passion for what it is that I want to do in film, and I love being involved in the process of development, and finding the right people, getting all the right components together to hopefully make a great movie, you know.”  Slash also helped oversee a new horror-themed maze at Universal Studios and will appear at Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett‘s second annual Fear FestEvil horror gathering in April.  Meanwhile, TMZ reports that Slash and his reported new girlfriend Meegan Hodges just moved into a new five-bedroom house in the San Fernando area in Los Angeles.  The couple, who previously dated some 25 years ago, also appear to have gotten a matching set of tattoos of GPS coordinates. The numbers correspond to addresses in Woodland Hills, California and Chicago, Illinois, although the locations’ significance is unclear…..Singer Scott Weiland is confused.  A professionally shot picture of Scott with the band members of Art of Anarchy appeared recently, making one believe he was a part of the band, right?  Well according to Pulse,  he’s clarified his relationship with the new “supergroup”  to Billboard.com, saying, “I was never in the band. It was something I did when I wasn’t doing anything. I was asked to write some lyrics and sing some melodies on this project, but it’s not a band I’m in. (The Wildabouts) is my band.”. The former Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver frontman did record lead vocals for the debut Art Of Anarchy album, which is due out this spring. The group  features Disturbed bassist John Moyer and Guns N’ Roses guitarist Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal, in addition to brothers Jon and Vince Votta on guitar and drums. Weiland said in a Facebook post that he “had a lot of fun” working with the outfit, adding, “When they find their front man to hit the road and play some dates, check them out.”  Thal confirmed that Art Of Anarchy will likely employ a new vocalist when and if the band hits the road later in the year.  Weiland and the Wildabouts will put out a new album called Blaster on March 31st….The Walking Dead exec producer Frank Darabont is 56.  ….I will check in from Vegas when possible.  Stay tuned!

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Tuesday, Jan 27

Tuesday, Jan, 27 2015

Wow!  We got away with less than a foot of snow!  So HURRAH!  I think I can still get a flight out tomorrow and might even be able to stay home today as a “snow day”!  Schwing!  Now, here’s the news: Slipknot announced a massive tour yesterday called Summer’s Last Stand,  and are taking Lamb of God,  Bullet For My Valentine and Motionless in White!  Kicks off Jul 24 in West Palm Beach, FL and ends  Sep 05 in Dallas!  Pre-sales will be available today (Jan 27th) at Slipknot’s official website, with general sales beginning Friday, (Jan 30th). Road Rage….I was emailing with my friend Neil Sanderson,  Three Days Grace  drummer/songwriter, yesterday.  He’s vacationing in Puerto Rico (he managed to get the last flight out of Toronto, too!)  and now comes news the band has revealed their fifth studio album will be called Human and will arrive on March 31st. The announcement comes just as the first single, “I Am Machine,” tops the rock radio chart and gives the Canadian act its 13th Number One track on the survey. That breaks Three Days Grace’s own record of 12 chart-toppers, the most at the format, which includes “Painkiller,” “Misery Loves My Company,” “Chalk Outline,” “World So Cold,” “Animal I Have Become” and “Home.” Neil said about the latest single, “Sonically, we wanted to create a ‘machine-like’ sound in parts of the song. We were inspired by the images from the opening scene of Tim Burton‘s Edward Scissorhands . . . relentless machines turning and churning, never ceasing to operate. Lyrically the song is about how sometimes you feel like you are in an endless routine and cannot escape . . . you begin to feel numb to the world around you, as you yearn to just feel anything, any emotion.”  Human will follow up 2012′s Transit Of Venus. The new album will be the first to feature frontman Matt Walst, brother of bassist Brad Walst?. Matt replaced original singer Adam Gontier in early 2013 and was officially made a member of the band last March.  Sanderson told us Matt fit naturally into the way that Three Days Grace writes songs: You know, we’ve always been a big collaborative band and in fact, you know, Matt had some co-writing on our first Three Days Grace album in 2003 as well as Transit Of Venus and obviously on this new body of work that we’ve got. So in that way it was kind of natural to kind of just keep the guitars rolling and keep writing and do what we’ve always done, and here we are today.“ Sanderson said about the new album, “We went back to our roots a bit and recaptured that collaborative feeling of being in a band and bringing out the best ideas in each other . . . we feel like we’re back in those days where we’re high-fiving each other with guitars in our hands.”  Three Days Grace’s next U.S. date is at the Northern Invasion festival in Somerset, WI on May 9th…Faith No More has revealed the details of its first North American live shows since 2010 and first full U.S. and Canadian tour since reuniting in 2009. The trek kicks off on April 15th in Vancouver, Canada, wrapping up on May 15th in Philadelphia. The announcement comes as the Bay Area band wraps up work on its follow-up to 1997′s Album Of The Year. The as-yet-untitled CD is due out this May. Bassist Bill Gould said, “Here we go. First North American tour dates, some in cities we haven’t played in over 17 years. We are armed with the new material and ready for whatever comes our way.”  Tickets for all shows are on sale this Friday (Jan 30th), at 10:00 a.m. local time. A fan club pre-sale will be available on Wednesday (Jan 28th). More details can be found on FNM.com and the band’s social media pages. The band is releasing a second single from the new album ahead of the tour. “Superhero” will be available as a limited-edition seven-inch single on March 17th, followed by a digital release on March 31st.  See all the dates on the Road Rage page…Pulse Of Radio reports Kurt Cobain: Montage Of Heck, the first documentary about late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain made with the authorization and cooperation of his family, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, UT on Saturday (Jan 24th). The film was praised in several reviews, with The Wrap calling it a “bold, generous portrait of a man who was clearly a tortured teenager before he was a tortured artist and a reluctant icon,” adding that parts of the two-hour-plus film were “shockingly personal.” Badass Digest was more detailed in its review, noting that the film was “as much a tour of Kurt’s mind as it is a retelling of his life,” and revealing that it includes photos and recordings of Cobain and Courtney Love having sex among its more intimate materials. The film relies less on straight documentary reporting and is constructed more like a collage of previously unseen home movies, interviews, animation, photographs and other artifacts, all accompanied by Cobain’s music.  Kurt’s daughter, Frances Bean Cobain, is an executive producer on the film, which was directed by Brett Morgen. She, Courtney Love, Kurt’s parents and Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic all appear in the movie.  Morgen was asked at the premiere why Nirvana drummer and Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl did not appear in his film. Morgen explained that Grohl was interviewed but that there was not enough time to edit his segment into the movie before the Sundance screening.  Kurt Cobain: Montage Of Heck will premiere on HBO on May 4th…The Mad Season tribute performance scheduled for Jan 30th at Seattle’s Benaroya Hall has added three “mystery guests” to the show’s lineup, which already boasts surviving Mad Season members Mike McCready from Pearl Jam and Barrett Martin from Screaming Trees, along with Soundgarden‘s Chris Cornell, Pearl Jam drummerMatt Cameron and Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan.  The event will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the release of Mad Season’s sole album, Above, with a unique performance incorporating the Seattle Symphony. Titled “Mad Season Sonic Evolution,” the show will also “pay tribute to Seattle bands Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Mad Season and more.”  In addition to McCready on guitar and Martin on drums, Mad Season featured the late musicians Layne Staley on vocals and John Baker Saunders on bass. McCready told us a while back he often wonders what his two bandmates would have done if they had lived: It’s an interesting, sad feeling at times, because I wonder what those guys would be like now. You know, I wonder if Layne would be a dad or Baker would be a dad or, you know, those kind of things that are important to me now, as opposed to when I was in my 20s, are so different and I wish they could experience that.”  The tribute show is long sold out, but Pearl Jam’s Vitalogy Foundation recently ran a contest where winners will receive a pair of tickets to the show plus $1,000 in travel expenses and a meet-and-greet with McCready and others. The contest closed on Sunday (Jan 25th).  All proceeds from the raffle benefit the Vitalogy Foundation, which supports non-profit organizations doing work in the fields of community health, the environment, social change and arts and entertainment. (Thanks Pulse.)….Celebrating their birth day:  Nick Mason of Pink Floyd is 71! Janick Gens of Iron Maiden is 58 and Mike Patton of Faith No More, Mr Bungle, Tomahawk and other side projects is 47.

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Monday, Jan, 26 2015

15:  Vancouver, BC – PNE Forum
16:  Seattle, WA – Paramount Theater
17:  Portland, OR – Keller Auditorium
19-20:  San Francisco, CA – Warfield
23-24:  Los Angeles, CA – The Wiltern
25:  Santa Ana, CA – The Observatory
07:  Chicago, IL – Concord Music Hall
08:   Detroit, MI – The Fillmore
09:  Toronto, ON – Sony Centre for the Performing Arts
11:  Boston, MA – Orpheum Theatre
13-14:   New York, NY – Webster Hall
15:   Philadelphia, PA – Electric Factory

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