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Thursday, Jun 30

Thursday, Jun, 30 2016

Bittersweet day for us at hardDriveRadio.  Our longtime associate producer is moving to FL!  Zak will continue his fine work on the weekend edition of hardDrive remotely.  But around the hardDriveRadio studios, Zak and his kind and gentle ways will be missed!

Our friends Skillet have just released their music video for “Feel Invincible” from their soon to be released album, Unleashed.  (Find the album Aug 05.)  The Pulse Of Radio says although Skillet originally came out of the Christian rock circuit, frontman John Cooper told us this song and others don’t always have a religious message: When you’re, you know, religious, sometimes people expect you for every song you write to be hyper-religious, or to have some like world-changing message, and they’re like, ‘No, you’ve got to write something that’s gonna like save the planet.’ And sometimes you just wanna rock, you know. Sometimes you just want to write something that says, ‘I feel invincible.’ (laughs) It doesn’t have to always be so overthought.

Unleashed is Skillet’s ninth studio effort and first since 2013′s Rise.  The band has one platinum and one gold record award to its credit. Their Top 10 rock hits include “Monster,” “Awake And Alive” and “Sick Of It.”

Skillet recently sketched out the details of a fall headlining U.S. tour that will kick off on Sep 22nd in Clive, IA. The bill will feature Thousand Foot Krutch on the first half, while Sick Puppies will finish the second half of the tour. Devour The Day will be playing the entire trek.  And listen for John Cooper of Skillet as the hardDrive XL Featured Artist of the Week next week!

Help!  I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!  

OH NO!!!!!!!    The Pulse Of Radio reporting this morning that during Slipknot‘s show on last night (Jun 29th) in Atlanta, frontman Corey Taylor took what was described by fans as a “hard fall” at the end of the set. One fan wrote that he “couldn’t walk when they picked him up,” while another said that the singer “had to be supported out.” A third fan told Blabbermouth, “As I was leaving, EMTs were rushing backstage . . . (Taylor) was shaking and looked to not be in a good way as they pulled him off.” Taylor took to Twitter a short time later to reassure fans that he was not seriously injured and that the band’s tour will continue as scheduled.  He posted this message on his Twitter last night after it happened: “ATL: haha don’t worry, I’m okay! I THINK that fall was one for the ages haha! DAMN it hurt- but DAMN what a crowd! See you again soon! #CMFT”  We hope he is ok.

Every girl’s crazy ’bout a sharped-dressed man!  

Stylish!  Metallica is featured in a new advertising campaign for the Italian luxury menswear house Brioni. According to Business Of Fashion, the campaign was shot in black-and-white and features two portraits of the four members of the band – one in black tuxedoes, one in white tuxedoes. The company’s logo is done in Gothic lettering, perhaps as a nod toward the heavy metal musicians in the ads.

Metallica said in a statement, ”We are beyond thrilled to have been invited to be the face of Italian luxury menswear powerhouse Brioni as they kick off their first creative campaign under the direction of newly appointed creative director, über-cool style star Justin O’Shea.”

The photos, which the band says were inspired by pictures taken of Queen around the time of their single “Bohemian Rhapsody,” were shot last month in San Francisco.

The band adds that they are “sporting Bespoke Brioni suits and tuxedos as well as sunglasses from their new eyewear collection.”  The campaign will be distributed on social media channels and will appear initially on billboards and kiosks in Paris and in the New York Times. Wider print distribution and billboards in New York, Los Angeles and Moscow will follow in the autumn.

Metallica recently completed recording its new album at its headquarters in San Rafael, California and has now begun mixing the new disc, which is expected out before the end of the year. Drummer Lars Ulrich told Citizens Of Humanity magazine about the musical direction of Metallica’s long-awaited 10th album, “It definitely sounds like Metallica. It’s probably a little less frenetic than the last record . . . It’s probably a bit more of a diverse record than the last one.”

In other Metallica news, Blabbermouth reports according to the NBC-affiliated television station KVOA, a fraudulent Facebook page recently popped up stating Metallica would appear at Joe’s Crab Shack in Tucson, AZ on Aug 07 and 09. The page also claimed tickets were being sold at all Los Betos Restaurant locations in town and five golden tickets would be hidden in carne asada burritos. The lucky winners would receive VIP tickets and a chance to hang out with band members.

Andrea Grey, whose family owns seven Los Betos Restaurants, told KVOA they are not connected to any promotion involving Metallica, but employees have reported being flooded with calls at their restaurants.

“They were telling us they were getting a lot of random calls talking about tickets and winning concert tickets that we were supposedly selling or raffling off,” said Grey. “I don’t know which one.”

Joe’s Crab Shack in Tucson closed its doors earlier in the month, with some employees claiming they found out about the closing from an emergency conference call. You can not make this stuff up, I tell ya!   LOL


Chad Smith: Pigeon Whisperer  (photo credit:  Chad’s Twitter)

And finally today, Chad Smith of Red Hot Chili Peppers gets bored on the road, I guess. While in London, he spent the afternoon drumming with some street performers.  But I don’t think he expected this kind of crowd!  =)

Say Happy Birthday today to Philip Anselmo, who turns 48 and Dan Jacobs of Atreyu, who is 34 today!

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Wednesday, Jun 29

Wednesday, Jun, 29 2016

Just realized today is my 14th year with my guy. Sigh.

As I am writing Dirt today, I am also finishing up the first of many 20th Anniversary segments for the weekend edition on hardDrive, or as we are calling it: hardDrive XX. Hard to believe it has been 20 years since Lou Brutus was hired to host my little weekend show that we had such a hard time coming up with a name for.  Geez. I wish I could remember some of the ones we originally had.  Some were funny, others were taken.  But hardDrive has become like part of my family, my “other” boyfriend. LOL  Can’t wait for you to hear the special edition I am putting together for the weekend of Jul 09-10.  Don’t miss it!  I’ve dug up hilarious and very clever show opens, crafted by the genius that is Lou Brutus. And really great interviews with the likes of the biggest bands from our kick off year, including Metallica, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots, Rage Against The Machine and a new band called Seven Mary 3. Til this day, hardDrive continues to bring you the best new rock.  So excited!

Meanwhile, speaking of Soundgarden, The Pulse of Radio says singer Chris Cornell has laid out a rough timeline for the band’s seventh studio album, which will follow up 2012′s King Animal.The band started work on a new record last year, but took a break while Cornell toured through the fall in support of his latest solo effort, Higher Truth. Now on a new leg of his solo tour, Cornell told the Hartford Courant, “Soundgarden is in the middle of writing songs. After this tour, the songs will become real and we’ll put an album out.”  Cornell added,, “There’s much more to Soundgarden. I get to play with my band and I get to go solo. It’s great for me.

The vocalist told us that working on different projects is what keeps an artist fresh: “At no time am I immersed in something that I’ve been doing too much of, and I think that’s kind of what kills the creative spirit. That’s sort of what burnout comes from, I think. It’s not from doing too much, it’s from doing the same thing too much.”

Soundgarden reunited in 2010 after a 13-year layoff, touring and then eventually writing new material that became the basis for King Animal, its first new studio album in 16 years.  In addition to King Animal, Soundgarden has issued a live CD, a greatest hits compilation and a two-disc collection of B-sides, outtakes and rarities.

Higher Truth is Cornell’s fourth studio solo set and contains the Top Five rock radio single “Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart.” His tour stops on Wednesday night (Jun 29th) in Englewood, NJ. It ends on Jul 27th in Winnipeg.


Linkin Park vocalist Mike Shinoda made public a note he sent to his fellow band members about the progress of their seventh studio album, in which he stated, “I want this album to be our best.” Shinoda wrote, “I had an epiphany today about the album. Right now, in the studio, the foundations of the songs are there . . . I think it’s time to shift into the next gear. Let’s discover the voice of this album . . . I want to get into experimentation mode, get weirder, and record more live instruments . . . I said at the beginning, I want this album to be our best. Let’s do this! Feel free to give me a call to discuss, or we can talk on Monday. I’m AMPED.”

Shinoda also recently appeared in a video giving a 360-degree tour of the band’s studio. He also offered a few more insights on the next album, saying, “We’ve got basically like vocals and chords, like words and melodies and chords on a lot of our favorites and we’ve narrowed it down recently to like under 20 hopefully.”

One other thing that Shinoda notes in the video is that he’s not sure if the new album will be finished in time to come out in 2016, saying, “We’re doing our best.”

The new disc will follow up 2014′s The Hunting Party, which featured the Number One singles “Guilty All The Same” and “Until It’s Gone.”

Linkin Park has been mostly out of the public eye since an early 2015 tour in support of The Hunting Party was scrapped when singer Chester Bennington injured his foot. Bennington also ended his two-year run as Stone Temple Pilots frontman in late 2015 so he could refocus on Linkin Park.

Corey Taylor last night in Nashville, TN performing with neck brace (photo credit: Richard Bond Twitter)

They’re BAAAAAAACCckkkkkk!

Slipknot returned to the stage last night in Nashville, TN (Zigz, were you there?) raring to go! Except, what is that thing on Corey Taylor‘s neck?  Oh, I guess doctor’s suggested it would be a good idea to wear the brace. DUH!  The dude had a disc in his neck replaced and bone shaved away from his spinal cord just 3 weeks ago, so, yeah, you’d wear a brace too!  Corey wasn’t the happiest about it, tweeting, ”First day back. Haven’t smoked in two months. Broken neck, weird scar. Not enough coffee.”

According to Blabbermouth,  Slipknot played a 17-song set at the Bridgestone Arena, with Taylor telling the crowd: “Let’s address the elephant in the room: I fucking broke my neck. But there was no way I wasn’t coming to Nashville to do this show.” Oh and they delivered it. Check out more clips! (Thanks Blabbermouth!)

Saying goodbye is hard. I get it.  The end is approaching for Black Sabbath, with the legendary metal band scheduled to give its last performances ever next Feb 2nd and 4th in its hometown of Birmingham, England. But if it was up to singer Ozzy Osbourne, the quartet would extend its farewell tour as long as possible. Ozzy told Billboard.com, “Tony Iommi wants to do 80 shows. We’re doing 80 shows. It’s good enough. I wouldn’t mind extending the tour for another few gigs. There’s a lot of people who won’t get to see us, but I don’t think it’s going to happen.”

Ozzy also made it clear that Sabbath saying goodbye was not his call, explaining, “It’s not me that wants to retire; it’s Black Sabbath. I’ll be continuing my own musical thing . . . I know I’m not hanging ‘em up for a while. Being Ozzy Osbourne solo again is not a job. It’s a passion. It’s a love. It’s the biggest, greatest love affair of my life.”

Ozzy told us a while back what motivates him to keep performing live: “I was watching 60 Minutes and there was a segment on Bruce Springsteen where they asked him the same question, and he said, ‘You know what? It’s fun. It’s what I like doing. I like making them have fun and I like having fun for me by seeing them have fun.’ And it’s pretty true, you know. It’s because I just love to see the kids. It’s like a challenge for me.”

Meanwhile, I’m excited to say Of Mice & Men are coming to NYC and will stop by the hardDriveRadio studios in two weeks!  I can NOT WAIT!   

Gotta dash!  Have a great day!



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Wednesday, Jun, 29 2016

Headline and festivals:

18:  Chester, PA @ Rock Allegiance Festival
20:  Greensboro, NC @ The Cone Denim Entertainment Center
21:  Jacksonville, FL @ Mavericks At The Landing
22:  Baton Rouge, LA @ Varsity Theatre
24:  Dallas, TX @ Texas Mutiny Festival
25:  Houston, TX @ Houston Open Air
27:  Oklahoma City, OK @ Diamond Ballroom
28:  Fayetteville, AR @ George’s Majestic Lounge
30:  Sioux City, IA @ Hard Rock Hotel And Casino
01:  Louisville, KY @ Louder Than Life Festival
02:  Janesville, WI @ WJJO Sonic Boom

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Tuesday, Jun 28

Tuesday, Jun, 28 2016

Fan filmed full Moscow performance is seen above

Welcome back to Slipknot’s Corey Taylor!  Tonight the band resumes their recently postponed tour, due to serious spinal surgery Corey had earlier this month!  He had a disc replaced and bone shaved away from his spinal cord, which was the cause of his serious back pain he has been suffering with for many years.  Their summer North American tour with Marilyn Manson kicks off tonight (Jun 28th) in Nashville, three weeks after the trek was originally supposed to kick off in Salt Lake City. 

Taylor revealed on Twitter that “for now,” there will be “no headbanging” or “jumping” for him onstage for the foreseeable future. He told us how he plans to get around that on the tour: “Performance-wise, I’m gonna let the band kind of carry me, basically, and I’m just gonna sing and do my thing and just make sure that the vocals are there, you know. And you know, work the crowd the way I usually do. Obviously I’m gonna be there in a limited basis, but I’m gonna do the best I can with what I’ve got.

He also offered on Twitter that he expects to be “back to 90 percent” within the next four to six months, and “100 percent” in a year.  The summer trek is likely to be Slipknot’s last U.S. tour in support of its latest album, .5: The Gray Chapter, which was released in October 2014.  Following the tour, Slipknot and Black Sabbath will co-headline the combined Ozzfest Meets Knotfest, a two-day festival scheduled for Sep 24th and 25th in San Bernardino, CA.   Corey will be our Featured Artist of the Week on hardDrive XL with Lou Brutus Jul 11-15.  Be sure to tune in!

Today, Jim Breuer, comedian/recording artist/rabble rouser/podcaster/SNL‘s “Goat Boy” and all aroung funny guy, will be in the hardDriveRadio studios!  Looking forward to talking to him about his new Songs From The Garage album, his life and have some laughs.

The album was released May 27th and features his band, The Loudy and Roudy, as well as AC/DC’s Brian Johnson.  It’s pretty funny with tunes like “Raising Teenage Girls,” “Thrash,” “Be A Dick Tonight,” “My Rock N Roll Dream” and “Mr Rock N Roll,” the last two featuring Johnson.    Check out the “Thrash” video, especially if you’re a dad.

We are going to ATTEMPT to do something LIVE on our hardDriveRadio Facebook page around 12:30PM ET today, so if you are online, check it out.  Or not!  LOL

Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich told the So What! podcast that he is attempting to help a film called Radio Dreams reach a wider audience. Ulrich has given some financial backing to the movie and even makes an appearance in it. The film tells the story of Afghanistan-based metal band Kabul Dreams, who want to meet their heroes in Metallica and recruit the help of an Iranian radio station based in Metallica’s home city of San Francisco to make it happen.

According to The Pulse Of Radio,  Kabul Dreams are an actual Afghanistan-based rock band, described by Ulrich as “a great band, a great bunch of guys. Passionate and lovely people. The film was something that I was proud to be behind.”

Ulrich explained he was approached by the filmmakers and was instantly drawn to the storyline, saying, ”It sounded really cool and really unique. This was a passion project and this particular group of people and the story was worthy of supporting.”  ?He added, “They shot here in San Francisco about a year-and-a-half ago. They’re great people, it’s a great story. I love the idea of supporting film and culture from parts of the world that don’t get a equal footing on the world stage.

After a successful tour of the film festival circuit, Ulrich wants to get the film a wider release, saying, “I’m going to try help the film get into some more festivals and try to give it the limelight that it deserves.”    Radio Dreams won the 2016 Tiger Award at the International Film Festival Rotterdam and director Babak Jalali was named Best Director at the Tarkovsky Fest in Russia.

Metallica has starred in two movies of its own — 2004′s Some Kind Of Monster and 2013′s Through The Never – while Ulrich has had small roles in a handful of movies and has expressed interest in more film work.  He told us a while back that he gets a creative charge out of dabbling in movies: I love being around creative processes and being around creative people, and any time you get a chance to be around creative people that are slightly outside of your own niche or whatever, it’s always cool to just see how other people work and try to be inspired by that and bring something back to your day job.

Ulrich recently spoke to Citizens Of Humanity magazine about the musical direction of Metallica’s long-awaited follow-up to 2008′s Death Magnetic, tentatively due in the fall. He said, “It definitely sounds like Metallica. It’s probably a little less frenetic than the last record . . . It’s probably a bit more of a diverse record than the last one.”  The band recently completed recording at its headquarters in San Rafael, CA and has now begun mixing the new disc, which is expected out before the end of the year.

Meanwhile, Blabbermouth reports bassist Robert Trujillo also spoke to So What! about the progress of the recording sessions for the band’s long-awaited follow-up to 2008′s Death Magnetic album. He said: “I can say James (Hetfield) and I had a blast doing back-up vocals last week, it was probably the most fun I’ve had during this album cycle; I wouldn’t even call that work. It was just super fun blasting out those choruses. He had a big smile on his face and so did I, so that’s something that I’ll always remember, because I don’t think I’ve ever done it on that level. I mean, we’ve done a couple things here and there, but that was a first for me, to be in the vocal booth with him. It was pretty cool. So I feel great. The bass sounds are crushing. I would say they’re the best bass sounds that I’ve had with this band, for sure, and already for me that’s a plus. I’m very proud of what Greg [Fidelman, producer] has done with the sound of my instruments, and I’m also proud of the way I played. We’ve had fun.”
Read more here.

Of Mice & Men has released “Pain,” a track and video from the band’s upcoming fourth album, Cold World. The new CD is set for release on Sep 9th and will follow up 2013′s Restoring Force. A single from the 2015 deluxe edition Restoring Force: Full Circle, called “Never Giving Up,” reached Number 16 on the rock radio chart. Of Mice & Men’s tour as openers for Slipknot and Marilyn Manson begins on tonight (Jun 28th) in Nashville and runs through Aug 27th. The first radio single will be coming in the weeks ahead.  ”Pain” is just a taste of the heavier side of the record and certainly a song that gives you insight into the life frontman Austin Carlile leads as he suffers through Marfan Syndrome, a degenerative disease that affects the connective tissues in the body.  My heart goes out to him, yet he is the most optimistic person you will ever want to meet.  Love this band. Can’t wait to see them later this summer!

In other news from The Pulse Of Radio

Did estranged Blink-182 guitarist and singer Tom DeLonge just make a “bro-date” with the band’s drummer, Travis Barker? DeLonge tweeted at Barker on Monday (June 27th) that they should get together at a massive new water park halfway between DeLonge’s home in San Diego and Barker’s in Los Angeles. Barker replied that he was “in 100″ although we don’t know if the pair has set a date yet. DeLonge has recently said that he has still not technically quit Blink, although Barker and bassist Mark Hoppus are releasing their first album with DeLonge’s replacement Matt Skiba, titled California, this Friday (Jul 1st). (CBS Local)

Stone Temple Pilots have yet to find a new singer, but videos from the band’s open audition a few months ago still keep surfacing. Dan Greene of The Armed provided a truly unique version of “Dead And Bloated” which can now be seen online. As of May, STP were reportedly meeting with the finalists of the audition process, but there’s been no word on whether the band had selected anyone, including, er, Mr. Greene. (The PRP)

Ohio metalcore act Beartooth will headline a tour later this fall that will also include Every Time I DieFit For A King and Old Wounds. One stop featuring that lineup has been announced for Oct 5th at the Summit Music Hall in Denver. Beartooth is promoting its second full-length album, Aggressive, while the title track is making its way up the rock radio chart. (The PRP)

 Comedian/actor/director Mel Brooks is 90 today!  Oh man!   Good reason to watch ANY of his hilarious movies: Blazing Saddles, Young Frankenstein or The Producers.

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Monday, Jun, 27 2016

Happy birthday America! LOU BRUTUS has your Independence Day party soundtrack on HARDDRIVE XL! This week’s featured artist is SKILLET! Tonight’s special guest is THRICE! Plus, Lou will entertain you with POETRY CORNER, RANT OF THE DAY, and WEIRD WORLD NEWS! Keep up with all that’s happening on the show at www.harddriveradio.com!

posted by: Lou Brutus