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Friday, Jun 30, 2017

Friday, Jun, 30 2017

To all my morning readers, sorry to be a little late today. I had to pay my tax bills, because we ALL KNOW what happens when you Don’t Pay Your Tax Bills, right?

Well, today is the day the new Stone Sour album is out!   YES!  Stone Sour releases its sixth studio album, Hydrograd, today (Jun 30th). The LP is the band’s first since 2013 and was recorded with the intention of sounding as live as possible. Singer Corey Taylor explained the goals he had for the disc: We just wanted to make a feel-good album, man, you know. We just wanted to make one of those kind of throwback albums that you just put on and there doesn’t have to be an overall message. There doesn’t have to be an overall statement. We just wanted to make a good, kick-ass hard rock album that just takes you anywhere you want to go. That’s what we did with this album and it just feels awesome.

Taylor told Alternative Press about the new disc, “I can immediately tell if something was thrown up on a bulletin board to be put together, whereas when a band has done something where it feels like you can hear the room around them — you can hear the molecules in the air traveling from the mic to the speaker — that’s what I’m talking about. And I feel like that’s where our album’s at.

Asked about writing a Stone Sour album for the first time without guitarist Jim Root, who exited the band at the end of 2013, Taylor replied, “We’ve always written as a collective. So, it was just kind of adapting to the way that (bassist Johnny Chow) and (guitarist Christian Martucci) write. They brought in so much cool s**t, we didn’t even have a chance to think about the difference, really.

Last night, Stone Sour performed at the Troubadour in Los Angeles.  Watch some fan filmed stuff below!

Stone Sour plays in Las Vegas on Saturday night (Jul 1st) with Korn and special guest, Rammstein. Taylor’s new book, America 51:  A Probe into the Realities That Are Hiding Inside “The Greatest Country in the World,”  arrives Aug 8th.  I’ve started reading my advance copy.  Right on, Mr Taylor, right on!  (Thanks The Pulse Of Radio)

Thirty Seconds To Mars (or  if you prefer,  30 Seconds To Mars) and frontman Jared Leto have announced a new project called A Day In The Life Of America, a filmed portrait of the country that will capture 24 hours in the life of the USA on Independence Day (Jul 4th). The band will have crews filming in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico on Jul 4th, and are also inviting fans, filmmakers and everyone else in the country to submit crowdsourced footage they shoot that day.

Leto said about the project, “It’s an incredibly important time in our country and we are excited for people to film what they feel is important, impactful, challenging or inspiring. Whether it’s a single shot, a person, an event, or a story — we want to see your America . . . Thirty Seconds to Mars is looking forward to you helping us capture America in all its imperfect glory and epic beauty and to celebrate the spirit of this great nation in an unforgettable way.

Leto is directing the project, just as he has directed all of Thirty Seconds To Mars’ videos as well as the band’s documentary Artifact. The singer, who is also an Oscar-winning actor, told me a while back that this was one area in which his film and music career intersected: “It is one of the few circumstances where my experience making films actually adds to the process and the experience that surrounds the music.”

Thirty Seconds To Mars has been working on its fifth studio album, which will follow up 2013′s Love, Lust, Faith + Dreams. The disc is due out later this year. The band has been doing North American dates with Muse this summer and next appears with that trio in Toronto on Jul 18th.

Josh Homme with his wife Brody Dalle & Butch Vig

Wow, wish my school graduation was this cool!   Alternative Nation reporting Queens Of The Stone Age frontman Josh Homme recently performed at a 6th grade graduation with his wife Brody Dalle and Garbage drummer/Nirvana producer Butch Vig. Video of them covering Cheap Trick’s “Surrender” is online. The new Queens album, Villains, is due out August 25th and the band has released a single called “The Way You Used To Do.” (Alternative Nation)

Meanwhile, Prophets Of Rage will be announcing some cool events to surround their self-titled album release Sep 15th around the U.S.   Stay tuned!

Celebrating life: Today: Phil Anselmo is 49, Dan Jacobs of Atreyu is 35.
Saturday:  Debbie Harry of Blondie is 72! Pamela Anderson is 50! 

Have a wonderful long Fourth of July holiday weekend.  Be safe and because of the fact we have a weirdo in the White House, God Bless America!  We can use it right about now.

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Thursday, Jun 29, 2017

Thursday, Jun, 29 2017

Hello folks!  Sorry I missed you yesterday!  I took the train down to NYC for the day to hang with my company peeps and to talk to Tom Morello of Prophets of Rage.  Had a great time in the city on a gorgeous sunny day!

Tom called in from a taxi cab on a day off with co-singer/rapper B-Real in Amsterdam, NL. They were on their way to the Green House (one of my favorite coffee shops in Amsterdam.)   (No, Tom doesn’t get high, but he did say he does get a contact once in a while hanging out with his homie!)  We discussed the new record, Prophets of Rage, due Sep 15th.  The record was produced by Brendan O’Brien (again.)

Personally speaking, I believe the music on the new album surpasses their fEP.  So far we’ve heard “Unfuck The World” and “Living on the 110,” which will be heard on hardDrive XL after Jul 12 and on the weekend edition of hardDrive weekend Jul 15-16.  Having had the time to perform live and refine their sound and develop the chemistry was the perfect storm for making this debut album.

Be checking into the interview on the hardDriveRadio YouTube Channel in the coming weeks.  (My ineptitude in the studio missed recording my side of the call, so when you see it on the video, the questions will be in text. DUH!)

We told you, don’t mess with him!   The Pulse Of Radio says Stone Sour and
Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor has doubled down on his war of words with Nickelback singer/guitarist Chad Kroeger, following remarks by Kroeger in which he called Stone Sour “Nickelback lite.” Asked about the issue on Seattle radio station KISW, Taylor said, “Why do I give a s**t what Chad Kroeger says? I’ll tell you what. This is how I figured it out. Chad Kroeger is to rock what KFC is to chicken. Is that wrong? I feel like I’m not wrong. I’ll still eat it, but I’m not gonna feel good about it. It tastes like the same thing.”

The beef started last week when Kroeger said in an interview that Stone Sour was “trying to be Nickelback,” adding, “(Corey Taylor) talks about how easy it is to write a hit song. Well, show me. Show me. Write one. I have yet to hear one. They’re okay. But they’re not as good as Nickelback. They sound like ‘Nickelback Lite.’”

Taylor initially responded in an interview with Arizona’s KUPD, saying, “I’ve never said it was easy to write a hit song. I don’t know what the hell planet he’s living on. Apparently it’s Planet Kroeger, and there must be good weed there, ’cause he’s an idiot.”

Taylor also blasted Kroeger for saying that Slipknot “had to put on masks and jump around” to sell records and concert tickets, responding, “All I know is I’ve been voted ‘Sexiest Dude In Rock’ wearing a mask. You’ve been voted ‘Ugliest Dude In Rock’ twice without one.”  Nickelback just released its ninth album, Feed The Machine, last Friday (Jun 16th), while Stone Sour’s new LP, Hydrograd, arrives on Friday (Jun 30th).

Meanwhile, Corey told RollingStone what his favorite metal albums are.  Here’s the list:

* Anthrax - “Worship Music” (2011)
* Iron Maiden - “Somewhere In Time” (1986)
* Judas Priest - “Screaming For Vengeance” (1982)
* Korn - “Korn” (1994)  m–m/
* Megadeth - “Peace Sells… But Who’s Buying?” (1986)
* Metal Church - “The Dark” (1986)
* Metallica - “Master Of Puppets” (1986)
* Pantera - “Far Beyond Driven” (1994)
* Sepultura - “Roots” (1996)
* White Zombie - “Astro-Creep: 2000 – Songs Of Love, Destruction And Other Synthetic Delusions Of The Electric Head” (1995)

Getting Corey on the horn today.  Be listening for new interview soon!

The original Smashing Pumpkins line-up

Smashing Pumpkins drummer Jimmy Chamberlin has hinted at a 2018 reunion of the band’s original lineup. In an interview on Chicago radio station WGN, Chamberlin said, “We were talking about playing next year with the band and somebody asked me, you know, ‘What’s it like trying to coordinate that?’ I said it’s like Grumpy Old Men 3, only there’s four grumpy old men and one’s a woman.’ (laughs) So that’s how it’s gotten to be.”

Chamberlin, who has been in and out of the Pumpkins over the years, was asked about his complicated relationship with Billy Corgan. He answered, “The two hours that we spend playing music together is the greatest thing in the world. It’s the other 22 hours of the day that him and I are . . . He’s got opinions, I’ve got opinions; we’re both grown men, right?”

Although frontman and founder Billy Corgan has been touring for several years with a rotating cast of musicians under the Smashing Pumpkins banner, he confirmed last summer he had repaired his friendship with original bassist D’Arcy Wretzky, after not speaking for nearly two decades. With Chamberlin rejoining two years ago and guitarist James Iha joining them onstage for the first time in 16 years in early 2016, a reunion of the original lineup seemed inevitable.

Corgan told Chicago radio station WLUP earlier this year that a reunion of the original lineup seemed more and more likely, saying, “I just talked to guitarist James Iha the other day, things look good for us getting together to play. We’re talking about it, we’ll see.”  But Corgan added: “My whole thing is if we’re going to do it, I think we do it to make people happy, and not go against the tide of what people would want to hear and that type of stuff, but my interest in it is sort of limited. I’m not going to do it for 14 years of my life.”   An “industry source” told Consequence Of Sound last August that Corgan had begun shopping an reunion of the original quartet for headlining shows and festival slots.  Hmmm, 2018 Rock On The Range?????

The End Of The End, a new documentary chronicling the farewell tour by heavy rock legends Black Sabbath, will be screened for one night only in over 1,500 theaters worldwide on Sep 28th, 2017. This specially edited theatrical version of the film will include the band’s final concert on Feb 4th, 2017 in its hometown of Birmingham, England, as well as behind-the-scenes footage, interviews and more. The End Of The End is directed by Dick Carruthers, whose other concert film credits include Led Zeppelin: Celebration Day and Imagine Dragons: Smoke + Mirrors Live.

The band said: “To bring it all back home after all these years was pretty special. It was so hard to say goodbye to the fans, who’ve been incredibly loyal to us through the years. We never dreamed in the early days that we’d be here 49 years later doing our last show on our home turf.

Guitarist Tony Iommi spoke a while back about the respect and status Sabbath earned over the years: For a while, nobody would take us seriously. But as we went on, the more we carried on, the more we proved, the more we stayed there, you know? And I think we got the respect from that.”

The End Of The End will be released in various home video formats later this year. Tickets are now on sale worldwide for the Sep 28th screenings. If the film is not screening in a specific area, fans can request it by filling out a form on the web site http://www.blacksabbathfilmtickets.com/.  (Thanks Blabbermouth/The Pulse Of Radio)

Blabbermouth  reports Alex Stojanovic of Metal Master Kingdom conducted an interview with guitarist/vocalist Matt Tuck of Welsh metallers Bullet For My Valentine on Jun 22 at The Phoenix Concert Theatre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. You can now watch the chat above.

When asked about the status of the songwriting sessions for BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE‘s upcoming follow-up to 2015′s “Venom” album, Tuck said: “it’s very early days. I wouldn’t really like to say any more about what it sounds like, ’cause it’s just instrumental stuff at the minute and we’re still finding our feet. We’ve only got six instrumentals; two of them we’ve kind of demoed vocals on. So it’s very early days, but early signs are good. We’re very excited. And, yeah, I don’t know. I can’t say any more about it because there isn’t anything yet. We’re just working our asses off trying to [come up] with something special, as we always do.

Tuck also addressed the absence from the road of longtime Bullet For My Valentine drummer Michael “Moose” Thomas, who has not played with the group since early last year when he stepped away to spend time with his wife as they awaited the birth of his first child. He has since been replaced on tour by Jason Bowld (PitchshifterAxewound).

Regarding what it’s like playing with Bowld, who previously backed Tuck in the Axewound project, Matt said: “It’s amazing. He’s up there with the best of the world. So to have someone of that caliber behind you, I can’t tell you how it feels. It’s weird. It’s a band thing. He’s just an animal.

On the subject of how Moose is doing nowadays, Matt said: “He’s doing good, I think. I haven’t spoken to him for a while, but I think he’s doing good.”  When asked if he expects Moose to return to  the band anytime soon, Matt answered simply: “That’s a Moose question.”

Bullet For My Valentine‘s next album will be released through the band’s new label home, Search And Destroy, the imprint launched in 2014 by Spinefarm and international artist management company  (and one of my favs!) Raw Power Management.

The band’s latest song, ”Don’t Need You,” was released as a standalone single last November. Meanwhile, Venom came out in Aug 2015. The CD marked BFMV‘s first release since the departure of longtime bassist Jason James and addition of Jamie Mathias (formerly of Revoker).

Finally today, Blabbermouth reporting This past Saturday (Jun 24), fifty thousand people attended the first annual Firenze Rocks festival in Florence, Italy to witness an unforgettable concert, the largest of Pearl Jam singer Eddie Vedder‘s solo career. Evening at the Visarno Arena was the backdrop, where Vedder played as the headliner for his biggest crowd as a solo artist. Fireworks for the celebration of Saint John, patron saint of the city, served as a prelude to the start of the memorable concert that lasted over two hours.

Vedder was cheered on by thousands of fans at the show, which he pointed out in Italian before performing was his “most important.” On the stage, the set was simple with only the help of his guitars, a ukulele, a banjo and most notably his voice, a hypnotic instrument, to charm the audience at Firenze Rocks. Vedder showcased an irresistible set list from Pearl Jam classics, acoustic songs from the Into The Wild soundtrack, covers by Pink Floyd and Neil Young, and even a touching rendition of ”Imagine” by John Lennon for a concert of a lifetime.

Have a great day!

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Tuesday, Jun 27, 2017

Tuesday, Jun, 27 2017

Ah, your daily Foo Fighters dose!  This is live from their Glastonbury Festival (Jun 21-25) appearance.  (The same festival where Johnny Depp said something while he was drunk.)  Watch the Foos perform “Run.”   (And stick around for more professionally shot stuff from the festival including “Times Like These.” Only Dave Grohl can chew gum and sing at the same time.)

Meanwhile, the Pulse Of Radio says Dave was warned not to swear since the festival broadcasted the show live on the BBC.  But in inevitable Dave manner, he told the crowd, “We were doing an interview and someone said, “You know you’re not supposed to swear. There’s no swearing on Glastonbury. I was like, what the f**k is that supposed to f**king mean? . . . I guess Adele holds the record for the most f**ks in a Glastonbury appearance. Now I love Adele, but guess what?”  Oh Dave!!!!!

But here’s a guy that prefers the middle finger to swearing on stage, our own LOU BRUTUS!

Photo: Viktor Wilt Facebook by Nathan Allison

Lou hosted KBEAR 101′s Korn-Stone Sour show, which was broadcast live on the net last night!  WHO FREAKIN’ KNEW!  Dang!  Sorry I missed that, but Lou should have some nice shots to share soon!  So stay tuned!

The Pulse Of Radio reporting Nickelback‘s ninth studio album, Feed The Machine, entered at Number Five on the Billboard 200 album chart, selling 47,000 copies in its first week of release. 43,000 of those were in a physical format. While the sales are low compared to previous efforts, they were good enough for the Canadian act to notch its seventh Top 10 debut.

Nickelback’s last studio LP, 2014′s No Fixed Address, entered the chart at Number Four with sales of around 80,000 copies, while 2011′s Here And Now moved nearly 227,000 copies. Even with record sales on the decline, frontman Chad Kroeger has no complaints: “We’ve got the best gig in the world. We chased our dream, and we caught it, and we’ve been able to do it for a long time now. I’ve been saying for the last 10 years of our career, ‘Hey, the longer we can extend this ride, the happier we get to be.’ I don’t want someone else to tell us it’s over, you know. I’d rather us say, ‘We’ve done everything we want to do in this career.’”

Feed The Machine did top the Hard Rock chart and made it to Number Two on the Rock and Independent surveys. The new disc has spawned three singles so far in the title track, “Song On Fire” and “Must Be Nice.”

Last night on hardDrive XL and on the stream today, you heard Jason Hook of Five Finder Death Punch discuss the new rock documentary Hired Gun: Out Of The Shadows, Into The Spotlight.  The film will receive a one-night showing on Thursday night (Jun 29th) at several hundred North American locations through Fathom Events. The film chronicles the story of world-renowned musicians who are not household names, but are instead the session and backup musicians who have performed at concerts and on countless recordings with huge stars yet remain largely unknown to the public.

Five Finger Death Punch guitarist and the film’s co-producer Jason Hook, who came up as a session musician himself through stints with Mandy MooreHilary DuffVince Neil and Alice Cooper, teamed with filmmaker Fran Strine to make the film happen. Hook told us about the common theme that runs through the movie: “Everybody we talked to had like one ‘holy cow’ story — some good and some horrific — about their experience playing their instrument for some artist. And so what we found was that if we strung all these ‘holy cow’ moments together, we ended up with a ‘holy cow’ movie.”

The film goes behind the scenes and explores the personalities and creativity of the best session players and backup musicians in the world. Among the artists interviewed are John Mellencamp drummer Kenny Aronoff, former Ozzy Osbourne bassist Rudy Sarzo, ex-Metallica bassist Jason NewstedKiss drummer Eric Singer, guitarist John 5 from Rob Zombie‘s band, Toto axeman Steve Lukather and many more.

If you’ll be in Sin City, Hook and Five Finger Death Punch drummer Jeremy Spencer will host a public meet-and-greet at Regal Cinemas Village Square in Las Vegas for the movie’s 6:30 p.m. screening there. Tickets for all the screenings are on sale via FathomEvents.com or at participating box offices.

Well, seems like a member of Tool has surfaced to speak about the band and what fans can expect.  (Great interview, sir!)  Bassist Justin Chancellor said in an interview on the MetalSucks podcast that the band is about “90 percent there” in terms of writing its long-awaited fifth studio album. Chancellor revealed, “We’re about 90 percent there, it’s been like a crazy science project — kind of like a petri dish. We’ve just been really picky over what we want to put on this new album and really want to come up with something completely unique. Plus, we have endless amounts of material to sift through, so it’s just been a process.

The band just closed out a North American tour and Chancellor said that being on the road together revitalized them. He explained, “It really is an evolving thing. Being out the last couple of weeks on the road and playing together, this year, we’ve really kind of hit a new level, I’d say. (We’re) really excited to be around each other and we’re gonna just bang it out when we get back home, we’re ready to go.”

Although the music may be 90 percent written for the follow-up to 2006′s 10,000 Days, singer Maynard James Keenan still likely has to prepare vocal melodies and lyrics. A recording start date remains unconfirmed.

Tool wrapped up its North American dates this past weekend with a mini-festival in San Bernardino, CA that also featured acts like Primus, Melvins, Fantomas, Clutch and The Crystal Method.

In brief:

    • Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich has written a foreword for a new book titled For The Sake Of Heaviness: The History Of Metal Blade Records. The book chronicles the 35-year history of the legendary independent metal label, which was the launching pad for Metallica, SlayerGoo Goo Dolls and countless other acts. Written by label founder and CEO Brian Slagel with Mark Eglinton, the book is due out on August 29th. (Blabbermouth)

  • Nine Inch Nails performed “She’s Gone Away” from their 2016 EP Not The Actual Events on this past Sunday’s (June 25th) episode of Twin Peaks: The Returnon Showtime. The band performed at the Roadhouse bar and were introduced as “The” Nine Inch Nails, with Trent Reznor also listed as “The” Nine Inch Nails in the end credits. Twin Peaks co-creator David Lynch directed NIN’s 2013 video for “Came Back Haunted,” while Reznor worked with Lynch on the soundtrack to his 1997 film Lost Highway. (Alternative Press)


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Monday, Jun, 26 2017

hardDrive XL is your one-stop shop for everything that rocks! This week, Lou Brutus is joined every night by featured artist Foo Fighters! Tonight’s special guest is Ded! Plus, Lou will make you laugh with all new Poetry CornerRant of the Day and Weird World News!

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Monday, Jun, 26 2017

You’ve made it to Friday! Live it up with Lou Brutus on hardDrive XL! Tonight, Lou chats once more with Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor as the XL featured artist of the week! Special guest Royal Blood tells Lou how they found their sound! Lzzy Hale returns to answer your questions in ASK LZZY! Call 877-MUSIC-11 to submit your questions!

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