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Wednesday, Aug, 31 2016

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Wednesday, Aug 31

Wednesday, Aug, 31 2016

Great night watching my pals in Korn do what they do in front of thousands of fans at the PNC Arts Center in Holmdel, NJ.  It was a great night from start to finish and most if it was spent in the band’s dressing room, talking about life and music.  I love these guys so much and this album, The Serenity Of Suffering, is off-the-hook amazing.  I know, I’ve said it a lot.   But I do tell you my truth.

Yeah, they got the date wrong…..

What I loved most about the night was the new and interesting arrangements of the songs. Stripped down, almost jazzy renditions of songs like “Freak on a Leash” and “Make Me Bad” were sprinkled in with the new “Rotting In Vain” and “Insane.”  With the addition of a new keyboard player,  it really makes for a new sound for their live performances.  I am diggin’ it!

Meanwhile, Korn fans are going to lose it when they see what the band has planned for their super-deluxe edition. I am not giving anything away, but it will BLOW YOUR MINDS at how awesome it will be.  I must own one.



Ain’t no stoppin’ us now

Well, there are bands like Black Sabbath and Motley Crue who are calling it quits. But then there are bands who say they’ll go on for as long as possible. The Pulse Of Radio says Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich told RollingStone.com that even though the members of the band are all in their 50s, he doesn’t see them retiring at any time soon. Ulrich remarked, “The only unknown is the physical element of it. If the arms and legs and knees and shoulders and throats and all that stuff, the backs, the necks, if all that stays intact, there’s no reason we shouldn’t be able to do this for a significant amount of time longer.”

Speaking of a band like the Rolling Stones who are performing well into their later years, Ulrich added, “I love the Rolling Stones more than anybody else on this planet. Obviously what we do, I’d like to argue, is slightly more physically demanding in terms of the energy that goes into it . . . If you can’t play it at the physical demand that it deserves, it’s better to not play it than play it half-assed. That’s the only unknown. I think mentally we could do this for another 100 years.

Frontman James Hetfield told us what keeps him going as a musician after 35 years in the band:  “Well, for me writing music is like breathing, and being able to create things in a band that has a huge family out there and a following around the world, and be able to get my confusion and questions and insanity into this music and put out to the rest of the world so people can relate…there’s no better thing.”

The new Metallica album, Hardwired…To Self-Destruct, will arrive on Nov 18th. The first single, “Hardwired,” is out now.  Metallica has one upcoming show on its calendar: the band will perform at Neil Young‘s 30th anniversary Bridge School Benefit concert, set to take place on Oct 22nd and 23rd at at the Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, CA and a brief set at the Global Citizen festival in NYC on Sep 24.

Meanwhile, ex-Metallica bassist Jason Newsted hinted in a recent interview he might be working with his former bandmates on a mystery project. Saying he had a call coming up with Lars Ulrich, Newsted answered, “All those three,” when asked if the call was related to business, friendship, or a collaboration of some sort. Fans are speculating that the project might be a remixed reissue of 1988′s …And Justice For All, Newsted’s first full-length album with the group and infamous for its inaudible bass.
Metal Sucks.)

Jordan Fish, second from left, and Oli Sykes, center, to climb Mt Kilmanjaro.  They know their new single is “Avalanche,” right? 

Wow!  This is heavy!  The Pulse Of Radio reporting Bring Me The Horizon co-producer/keyboardist  Jordan Fish and singer Oli Sykes will climb Mount Kilimanjaro together in order to raise funds for the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit in Southampton, England. The pair launched the trip after Fish’s newborn son suffered a brain hemorrhage last week and was taken into care at the facility. Fish wrote online, “On the evening of Sunday 21st August, our four-day old baby Eliot suffered what we eventually found out was a brain hemorrhage . . . We called an ambulance in the early hours of the morning and did our best to keep him calm, awake and alive.”

Fish related the trip to the hospital and the eventual discovery of what was ailing his son by doctors, followed by his transference to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, where he stayed for five days under 24-hour supervision by what Fish called the “amazing team” there.

He added, “While in hospital I decided that I would focus myself on doing something positive for the ward and trying to raise enough money to pay for a new bed for them. Oli asked immediately if he could join me and help raise as much awareness for this cause as possible. In January we will fly to Tanzania where we will climb Mount Kilimanjaro over the course of eight days.”

The two bandmates’ goal is to raise approximately $130,000 for the charity organization Friends Of PICU, which does fund-raising for the unit.

As for his son’s recovery, Fish said, “We still have a very long way to go and we are taking each day at a time, however he is still alive to fight, he is breathing on his own and we are seeing small improvements every day. He is a little fighter and has shown amazing signs of recovery already, even at this early stage. We owe that completely to the Nurses, Doctors, Neurologists and staff at PICU.”

We wish the guys and little Eliot all the best!

Also according to The Pulse Of Radio, rumors continue to swirl around Guns N’ Roses fan sites that returning guitarist Slash and bassist Duff McKagan have been doing some work on a batch of new songs. Alternative Nation  is reporting the Axl Rose unofficial fan club site claims the pair have worked on six new tracks, although Axl himself has yet to lay down any vocals. The rumor also states there will be special appearances on five tracks, but did not say who would turn up.

Earlier reports have suggested that Slash and McKagan were completing unfinished tracks left over from the sessions for Chinese Democracy, the 2008 Guns effort that took 13 years to record and featured only Rose out of the original lineup. There were a number of songs — possibly an entire album’s worth — from those sessions that were left off the record.

A source on GNRTruth claimed, “I am under the impression that many of the songs from the group of songs we think of as the ‘second half’ of Chinese are still intended for release. Slash & Duff did some studio work on a couple of them, which will hopefully be released on a ‘best of’ collection later this year.”

It is not known whether the current Guns lineup — which includes original members Axl, Slash and Duff, along with four side players — intends to write and record a new full-length studio album. The last set to feature those three core members was 1993′s covers collection,The Spaghetti Incident?”

Guns N’ Roses just completed a North American summer stadium tour and will head to South America later this fall before hitting Japan, New Zealand and Australia in early 2017.

I found this gem on Blabbermouth this morning, and I must say, genius marketers, that Orange company!   Check this battle between bassist brothers Troy Sanders of Mastodon and Kyle Sanders of Hellyeah!

Have a great day!

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Tuesday, Aug 30

Tuesday, Aug, 30 2016

Hey, Fieldy, WAKE UP!    Reggie, Roxy and JD

Had a lovely day yesterday with my friends from Korn, Jonathan Davis and Fieldy aka Reggie Arvizu.  Despite the fact they only had 3 hours of sleep from the night before (they were in town doing press early in the day,) they were champions while we filmed some stuff for hardDrive (our interview will be available in both podcast and full video,) as well as a segment for Nights with Alice Cooper.  And with all that, JD continued to keep a smile on his face!  Love these guys so much, and the new album, well, I can tell you confidently, it will blow your minds.  Too many songs could be awesome radio tracks, but so glad you can already enjoy with “Rotting In Vain” and “Insane.”  They are currently doing both of those songs in their sets.  Can’t wait for Oct 21 to roll around (and savvy fans know, they can buy The Serenity of Suffering at the stroke of midnight.)
We will start sharing with you next month.  I know, the wait will kill you, but hang in there. We got lots of good stories on how the album was made,  JD’s demons, working with Nick Raskulinecz and even vibing on Dave Grohl!

Got Your Gold! 

Congrats are in order for two of some other friends.  First, it is so cool Five Finger Death Punch‘s Got Your Six has received gold album status (selling over 500,000 copies.) That isn’t something that happens too often these days in our active rock world, but those guys are the kings!

Meanwhile, The Pulse Of Radio reports drummer Jeremy Spencer said in a new interview with the Mike James Rock Show he’s pleased with the progress of the band’s seventh studio album. Spencer said, “We’ve got a few tracks so far that we’re really digging on. You know, it kind of changes course throughout the whole recording process; it starts one way and it finishes another way.”  He continued, “I would prefer if we had more time to be off road and actually record, but we have to kind of fit it in when we can, and it’s going well, and we’re happy.

Spencer added that Five Finger Death Punch will continue working on the new disc over the next few months while staying on the road through the end of this year in support of its most recent effort, 2015′s Got Your Six.

Five Finger Death Punch recently signed a North American deal with Rise Records. The band’s first album with Rise will be released following the completion of the band’s obligation to its current label, Prospect Park.  The group will kick off a new co-headlining arena tour with Shinedown on Oct 18th in Little Rock, AR. Sixx: A.M. and As Lions will be along as support.

Finally, a beautful photo of Taylor Momsen without sunglasses!

And The Pulse Of Radio says The Pretty Reckless have scored their fourth Number One single in a row on the rock radio airplay chart with “Take Me Down,” the first single from the band’s upcoming third album, Who You Selling For. The track blazed up the chart and reached the top in just seven weeks, getting there faster than predecessors ”Heaven Knows,” “Messed Up World” and “Follow Me Down,” all from the group’s 2014 effort Going To Hell.

?The milestone also set a new record as the band became the first female-fronted act to have four chart-toppers in a row. Their three previous Number Ones tied them with the Pretenders, who scored the top spot three times in a row back in 1984.

Singer Taylor Momsen told us that “Take Me Down” refers indirectly to the legend of classic bluesman Robert Johnson and his song “Crossroads”: “I gave my life to rock ‘n’ roll, so it’s a song about that. We wanted to make a classic rock record and that song, you know — where do you start with that? Well, you start with Robert Johnson. That’s kind of where that song developed and started, with the crossroads and Robert Johnson and giving your life to rock ‘n’ roll.”  (“Crossroads” is allegedly about the place where Johnson sold his soul to the Devil in exchange for his musical talents.)

The Pretty Reckless share the release of  Oct 21st  for Who You Selling For with Korn, btw.  The band will back up the release of the new record with a North American tour that begins on Oct 6th in Tulsa, OK and will wrap up on Dec 6th in Los Angeles.

AC/DC unearthed another long-unperformed song for the kick-off of its new North American tour on Saturday night (August 27th) in Greensboro, North Carolina, playing the song “Live Wire” in concert for the first time in more than three decades.The track is from the band’s second album, 1975′s T.N.T., and was last performed live on October 9th, 1982. Since recruiting Guns N’ Roses singer Axl Rose on vocals earlier this summer, AC/DC has pulled out a number of more obscure tracks from its catalog, including “Riff Raff,” “Rock And Roll Damnation” and “Touch Too Much.”

The current North American run is actually made up of 10 dates rescheduled from earlier in the year, when the band had to postpone the gigs after vocalist Brian Johnson was forced to leave the tour. Johnson was advised by doctors to come off the road or face total hearing loss, which led AC/DC to enlist Rose as his replacement.

These are Rose’s first shows on this continent with AC/DC after he toured Europe with the group in the spring. He just completed a North American stadium tour with the reunited Guns N’ Roses last week.

AC/DC guitarist and sole founding member Angus Young recently said that he has not made a decision yet regarding the band’s future once the current tour cycle ends. Three longtime members of the group — co-founder Malcolm Young, drummer Phil Rudd and Johnson — have all exited the band within the last two years for various reasons: Mal has early stage demenia, and Rudd was mired in drug abuse and legal issues. In addition, bassist Cliff Williams has decided to retire after this tour is finished.  I hope for the sake of the integrity of the band, Angus decides this is it and walks away quietly. They will be missed dearly.  AC/DC are icons of hard rock. I was happy to have said I worked with them on their Powerage album when Bon Scott was still alive.  Those were some awesome days, let me tell ya!

Have a great day, yourself!   Laters.

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Monday, Aug, 29 2016

You might be off for Labor Day, but Lou Brutus will not rest if there’s great rock music to play on the air! This week on hardDrive XL, the Offspring join Lou on the air every night as featured artist of the week! Tonight’s special guest is Hellyeah! Plus, Lou will entertain you with Poetry Corner, Rant of the Day, and Weird World News! Keep up with all that’s happening on the show at www.harddriveradio.com!

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Monday, Aug, 29 2016

Close out the week in style with hardDrive XL! Featured artist of the week Chevelle’s Pete Loeffler gets serious with Lou Brutus, while Noodles of special guest Offspring fills Lou in on the fun of touring in Japan! Get your requests in to Lou at 877-MUSIC-11! Keep an eye on www.harddriveradio.com and stay up to date with the latest in rock!

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