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Thursday, Apr, 14 2016

I figured I would start to blog about some of the heavier music that does not get as much exposure, but still kicks ass. I'm not saying that all (or any) of this music should get masive AirPlay. Our sales people wouldn't be able to sell it. Sad but true, but it's the nature of the business. I'm not going to get all technical in my reviews. I'm not a musician. I don't think or act like I'm a be all end all of music. I can just tell what I think rocks. The subject today is the band Surgical Meth Machine. It is the new band started by Al Jourgensen of Ministry. Al brings the speed and aggression on this industrial beat down. Most songs clock in around 220 beats per minute. Fast, furious, and in your face is the way they bring it. Listen to it while driving and try not to speed. Impossible! The vocals aren't straightforward though, if you are looking for a standard song structure. They are at times shouted, distorted, and contorted. On the song Unlistenable, he takes shots at Iron Maiden, Megadeth, and Lamb of God. It all turns out to be in jest (?) though as he even slags his own Ministry. The last song I'm Invisible is slow and lo-fi. Al has said that the tempo slowed once he moved to Texas and got his medical marijuana card. As a whole, this album is a fierce industrial juggernaut. It deserves to be played at insanely loud volume!

posted by: Pete Burns

Coal Chamber!!!!

Tuesday, May, 19 2015

Coal Chamber released their new album today.  It's called Rivals.  It's their first album in 13 years.  If you were wondering if it's any good, I can tell you that it kicks ass!!!!  It is in the vein of their Dark Days album.  The guitar has a good crunch to it.  I think it helped that Meegs and Mickey continued to play together (We are the Riot) after Coal Chamber split up.  They play off each other really well.  Dez's vocals sound like Dez.  Would you expect anything else?  Fans of Devildriver will want the heavier sound, but the new Coal Chamber is that far off from that sound.  I know I come off as some excited fanboy right now, but I am geniunely excited about this new album.  This year will see a lot of new metal coming out by big name bands and I think this is the kick-off to that.  Welcome back Coal Chamber!

posted by: Pete Burns

The Local Edge

Sunday, May, 17 2015

This is the rundown for the Local Edge tonight at 10: Sweetalk Red Light Saints Iron Price Accuser The Hook Up The Dark Inside lead Modern Echo Micawber Dead Modern Villains .....and a whole lot more. The Local Edge is every Sunday night at 10. It's 2 hours of the best in local edge rock!

posted by: Pete Burns

Get Out!

Friday, May, 15 2015

If you are looking for something to do this weekend, Saturday night head to the Capitol Centre in Appleton. 

Tim Beyer from Decivilize and Dustin Moon from Samyaza are having a crazy B-Day Bash as their birthdays are in May! Come out and party! Live music from:
Out of Nothing 12:30-1
Decivilize 11:30-12:10
Samyaza 10:40-11:10
Awaken Your Grave 9:50-10:20
PrudVangr 9-9:30
$5 at door(split by bands)

Get out and support your local music scene.  This show will be crazy!!!!

posted by: Pete Burns

Green Bay Packer fans are the best

Thursday, May, 14 2015

How unbelievable is it that Brett Favre's ceremony has sold out? 67,000 tickets sold! I know tickets were only $4, but there are not many football players that would draw that many people for free. That right there shows you how incredible Packer fans are. Given the way it ended with Favre, I think a different fan base would never have welcomed Brett back with (mostly) open arms. I can just imagine how wild the crowd will get beforehand. There will be plenty of tailgating and celebrating. It will feel like it's gameday! Imagine the video montage! So many highlights! The great plays they could show could last all night. Brett Favre had an extraordinary career. We were fortunate that most of it was played for an extraordinary fan base!

posted by: Pete Burns