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Tue, May 19, 2015

Coal Chamber!!!!

Coal Chamber released their new album today.  It's called Rivals.  It's their first album in 13 years.  If you were wondering if it's any good, I can tell you that it kicks ass!!!!  It is in the vein of their Dark Days album.  The guitar has a good crunch to it.  I think it helped that Meegs and Mickey continued to play together (We are the Riot) after Coal Chamber split up.  They play off each other really well.  Dez's vocals sound like Dez.  Would you expect anything else?  Fans of Devildriver will want the heavier sound, but the new Coal Chamber is that far off from that sound.  I know I come off as some excited fanboy right now, but I am geniunely excited about this new album.  This year will see a lot of new metal coming out by big name bands and I think this is the kick-off to that.  Welcome back Coal Chamber!