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Why Rob Zombie's Dragula on So You Think You Can Dance is a Good Thing

Thursday, Jul, 31 2014

So, last night I'm watching So You Think You Can Dance on Fox (yeah you can rip on me for that later) and I hear the words "Superstition...Fear....and Jealousy"...no friggin' way - the couple is dancing to Rob Zombie's "Dragula"! I didn't really know what to think, it was kinda cool to hear a song that I love during the show, but that's MY Rob Zombie...I don't want to see those vapid millenial girls glomming on to El Superbeasto.  But overnight my opinion changed...why? Because any cross-over success of a Razor artist/band to a mainstream audience is a good thing. They hear it on SYTYCD, download the song, maybe stream more of his songs and then while they're scanning radio stations they hear Razor play Rob Zombie or something sonically similar and stop scanning. After all, we need to grab all the millenials we can get and groom another generation of rabid Razor listeners. More listeners= better ratings=more advertising dollars, which leads to more cool stuff we get to do with our listeners, i.e. Razor Edgefest, Extreme Razor Fan Contest, One Club Golf Outing, Harley Giveaways and more free stuff for YOU to win!

Plus, I'm sure Rob Zombie had to give consent for the show to use his song, so who are we to scoff? He's an artist creating music for commercial consumption and profit...so don't be that a-hole "He Sold Out" guy.

posted by: Roxanne Steele