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Metallica - Seek & Destroy - Old School Lunch Video of the Day

Thursday, Nov, 20 2014

I still have the Metallica: Live Sh*t - Binge & Purge VHS/CD box set - now it's almost weirder to see them with long hair, guzzling beer, etc.than with short hair, doing appearances on late night shows, etc. ahhhh the memories! Enjoy!

posted by: Roxanne Steele

RATM - Renegades of Funk - Old School Lunch Video of the Day

Wednesday, Nov, 19 2014

Holy ton of references Batman! Thanks Wikipedia!

  •     Chief Sitting Bull: leader of the Hunkpapa Sioux.
  •     Thomas Paine: writer.
  •     Martin Luther King: activist.
  •     Malcolm X: national spokesman for the Nation of Islam.
  •     Muhammad Ali: boxer.
  •     Paul Robeson: singer.
  •     Richard Pryor: comedian.
  •     Gil Scott-Heron: poet and musician.
  •     The Last Poets: group of poets and musicians with sympathies to the civil rights movement.
  •     James Brown: gospel and rhythm and blues artist.
  •     Curtis Mayfield: soul, funk and rhythm and blues artist.
  •     Charles Wright & the Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band: funk band.
  •     Sly and the Family Stone: funk band.
  •     George Clinton: funk artist.
  •     Parliament Funkadelic: Funk music collective.
  •     DJ Kool Herc: Hip-hop pioneer.
  •     Grandmaster Flash: Hip-hop artist, DJ.
  •     Afrika Bambaataa: DJ, Bronx community leader & the artist who wrote the song.
  •     Kurtis Blow: hip-hop artist, DJ.
  •     Nat Turner: leader of the Southampton county slave rebellion.
  •     Huey Newton: co-founder of the Black Panther Party.
  •     Mumia Abu-Jamal: former Black Panther Party activist.
  •     Leonard Peltier: member of the American Indian Movement.
  •     Ernesto "Che" Guevara: communist guerilla leader.
  •     Stokeley Carmichael: leader of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee.
  •     Marcus Garvey: founder of the Universal Negro Improvement Association and African Communities League.
  •     Angela Davis: activist and Black Panther.
  •     Rigoberta Menchu: human rights activist and 1992 Nobel Peace Prize recipient.
  •     Cesar Chavez: co-founder of the United Farm Workers.
  •     Susan B. Anthony: co-founder of the National Woman Suffrage Association.
  •     Rosa Parks: civil rights activist.
  •     Whodini: hip-hop group.
  •     Run-D.M.C.: hip-hop trio.
  •     LL Cool J: hip-hop artist.
  •     KDAY: hip-hop radio station.
  •     Ice-T: rapper (and leader of the metal band Body Count).
  •     Roxanne Shante: hip-hop artist.
  •     UTFO: hip-hop group.
  •     Tommie Smith, John Carlos and Peter Norman: 1968 Summer Olympics athletes who were the main subjects of the infamous 1968 Olympics Black Power salute.
  •     Boogie Down Productions: hip-hop group.
  •     Beastie Boys: hip-hop group.
  •     Salt-n-Pepa: rhythm and blues and hip-hop group.
  •     Eric B. & Rakim: hip-hop duo.
  •     MC Lyte: hip-hop artist.
  •     Slick Rick: rapper.
  •     Big Daddy Kane: rapper.
  •     EPMD: hip-hop duo.
  •     Public Enemy: hip-hop group.
  •     De La Soul: hip-hop trio.
  •     Queen Latifah: rapper.
  •     Tone L?c: hip-hop artist.
  •     N.W.A: hip-hop group.

posted by: Roxanne Steele

Cracker - Low - Old School Lunch Video of the Day

Friday, Nov, 14 2014

Watch Cracker frontman David Lowery battle with actress/comedienne Sandra Bernhardt in the boxing ring for their "Low" video!

posted by: Roxanne Steele

Mudvayne - Dig - Old School Lunch Video of the Day

Thursday, Nov, 13 2014

I remember the first time I saw this video. I got a DVD copy of it from their record label, took it home, watched it and was like "Holy Sh*t," this is friggin' awesome - and their from Peoria, IL? Crazy man."

posted by: Roxanne Steele

Tool - Lateralus - Guitar Percussion Cover

Wednesday, Nov, 12 2014

I'm normally leery of Tool covers as I hold the band as a sacred entity, but this is pretty damn cool, plus it has Tool's seal of approval, so I'm in.

posted by: Roxanne Steele