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Evanescence to "Try Some New Old Things" on Fall Tour

Credit: Drew ReynoldsEvanescence kicks off a headlining tour tonight in Dallas. The trip will be a relatively short one -- it wraps up November 23 -- but frontwoman Amy Lee says the band will embark on a more expansive tour once they have one key ingredient.

"When we do another fuller tour, it'll be when we have new music," Lee tells ABC Radio.

In the meantime, Lee has been delving into Evanescence's past as she puts together the band's upcoming The Ultimate Collection vinyl box set, which is due out in December. She thinks that some of those relics from the past will come to the present for the tour.

"It's made me, forced me to look at the past and dig through stuff that I haven't thought about in a really long time," Lee says. "The band's in a really good place as far as the way that we're playing together and enjoying playing together, so it kinda feels like the perfect time to dig out some old, vaulted songs we haven't played in a really long time and just make it really fun and change it up a little bit, make the fans really happy. So we're gonna try some new old things."

Throughout their career, Evanescence has gone through a variety of lineup changes, perhaps the most notable of which being the departure of band co-founder Ben Moody, who left in 2003. While Lee says doesn't have any relationship with Moody now, she certainly looks back at Evanescence's early years with fondness.

"It wouldn't be fair to call it a band if it wasn't a group effort," she says, adding that Evanescence "is a lot bigger than just me."

"I've been reflecting on a lot of people," she says. "Feeling a lot of good nostalgia there."

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posted : October, 28th by Music News From ABC News Radio - Active Rock