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Weezer's Rivers Cuomo explains why the "Happy Hour" lyrics aren't "complete nonsense"

ABC/Randy HolmesWeezer's current single, "Happy Hour," has some pretty strange lyrics, to be sure -- the song references Stevie Ray Vaughan, Monty Python, MIDI keyboards and more.  According to Rivers Cuomo, that's because the lyrics literally came to him off the top of his head.

Cuomo tells Billboard that when it came time to write lyrics for "Happy Hour," he tried what he says is one of his favorite methods of songwriting: stream of consciousness.

"It's like you're lying back on a couch in psychotherapy and you just have to say the next thing that comes into your mind," he explains. "Sometimes it sounds like complete nonsense to whoever's listening, but there's some kind of logic in my brain."

According to Cuomo, "Happy Hour" was "the ultimate joyous image," which that led him to reminisce about how, before going onstage, he'd watch DVDs of Stevie Ray Vaughan playing solos.  That led to the line, "I'm like Stevie Ray Vaughan on the stage, high on music/Teeth grindin', sweatin' under the lights."

Then, Cuomo thought, "What would be the one image that would completely destroy that mood?"  That led to him imagining those scenes from Monty Python's Flying Circus where a huge weight would fall out of nowhere and crush people.

In the third verse, where Cuomo describes meeting someone in a bar, he didn't want to say "a girl," so the first word that came into his head was "a scientist."  He says the lines "We'll conversate about rare birds and MIDI keyboards" were inspired by an actual woman named Rosie Okumura, who once showed him her keyboard set-up.

Says Cuomo, "When people hear 'Happy Hour,' I want 'em to feel, 'Ohmigod, I wanna dance, this is so groovy, I can't believe this is Weezer!'"

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posted : November, 22nd by Music News From ABC News Radio - Active Rock