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Taylor Momsen, Lzzy Hale share how Amy Lee influenced them

Credit: P.R. BrownWhen Taylor Momsen was 10 years old, she saw her first concert: Evanescence. Ever since then, frontwoman Amy Lee has remained a consistent influence on the Pretty Reckless singer.

"The fact that [Lee's] still [recording] and still dominating the rock world is amazing," Momsen tells Billboard. "She took rock n' roll and she put a female voice in it and didn't try to be anyone else. She really created her own identity, and that's something any woman should look up to."

Momsen adds, "She mixed pop to rock to opera to metal, [combined] them and made a really unique balance that hadn't been heard before."

"Up until [Lee] blew up the radio, I was largely the only female rocker in my area," Halestorm's Lzzy Hale adds. "A lot of industry folks just didn't believe a girl rock band could get on radio. So when Amy proved them all wrong, it showed everyone that I wasn't crazy for pursuing this career."

Opening that door wasn't easy for Lee: she fought against having the rap part on Evanescence's breakout hit "Bring Me to Life," but their record label at the time insisted. In fact, the label wanted a rapper to join the band full-time, but Lee rejected that idea. As a woman in music, Lee says she's "fought so many fights."

"I learned as I got more experienced, and a lot of it was because I’m a female," she says.

"People naturally see us as the softer sex that's going to step aside and let the men do the real work, so there've been plenty of times when I've had to look at that, recognize it, and go, 'No, this is what's going to happen, because I'm positive that I'm right, and it's my art and you're not going to change it.'"

Evanescence's new album Synthesis is out now.

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posted : November, 30th by Music News From ABC News Radio - Active Rock