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Rockcast 25: Blacktop Mojo

Blacktop Mojo is not a household name, in fact you may have seen this episode title and said out loud, "who?" Well that's what Kaytie and I are here for and we love when we get to introduce you to new bands. Blacktop Mojo comes from a small town in Texas where they grew up on a good dose of country music and cheap beer. Their second album 'Burn the Ships' is out now. It features their rising single "Where the Wind Blows" and their incredible cover of Aerosmith's "Dream On."

We pick up this conversation kind of in the middle, so let's catch you up. Kaytie and myself backstage with the entire band, talking about the music industry, the band, and doing it all by yourselves. When you hear us say something about someone named Dimitri, that is their manager and someone I've known for a long time. This is a good quick look at one of rock's up and comers.

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Cutter's Bio
Ten Things you never wanted to know about Cutter:

1) My hometown is Denmark, WI but before that I lived in a trailer park in Kellnersville and a farm in Algoma. I'm as smalltown as it gets and yes I know what a lane party is and I've been cow tipping...don't judge

2) My very first guitar was a cheap star shaped Peavy guitar from The Guitar Cellar in Green Bay. I was 10 and already metal! 

3) I've played in many bands since the age of 14 and through out high school would play at the old Concert Cafe in Green Bay with my punk rock band No Distinction. Then a few more times with the band Inner Seal I had while in college in Madison. It was my next band LD.fifty that actually gained a bit of popularity but that didn't last either. So since I'm a failed rock star I'm in radio. Lucky you!

4) Oh and I have a tramp stamp style tattoo of LD.fifty's logo....again no judging.

5) Speaking of tattoos I have 9 of them and have sat in the chair 11 times. I'm addicted and I want to be covered but that process stopped when I had kids. Tat's are expensive 

6) I've been engaged three times and married once. I'm a lover not a fighter.

7) I have two college degrees both of them in media. I have a degree in Television and Radio Broadcasting plus a Digital Media degree.

8) My first major concert was White Zombie with The Todies and Supersuckers at the Brown County Arena in 1995.

9) I used to be very big into drugs especially PCP/Angel Dust but have been hard core drug free (that includes painkillers) since 2005. It would be longer but I slipped a few times.

10) I lost my virginity at the age of 14. There's nothing to do in Denmark.....once again don't judge  
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